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13 Top After Effects Project Templates for Creative Marketing Video in 2020

This post is part of a series called Market Watch: Current Styles and Hot Trends in Video.
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Thanks to the talented folks that share their templates on Envato Elements and Market, Adobe After Effects can take your video projects much further, faster. Here are ten top templates from Videohive and three of the most popular templates for After Effects over at Envato Elements, where you can download as many as you like for one monthly subscription.

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If you're new to After Effects then you might be interested in some of our tutorials and learning guides. These are also great if you just want to get more proficient with certain aspects of the software.

For complete beginners, try Welcome to After Effects: a Quick Tour of the Interface where you can become familiar with the setup and how to customise the layout to make it easier for you to use.

If you'd like to learn more about layers, we have How to Use Layer Properties in After Effects, where you'll get to learn basic properties, and how to adjust and animate those.

Once you're all good with how AE works, you'll likely want to move on to learning the three most important panels: Project, Composition, and Timeline

Top Templates from Envato Elements 

1. 70 Glitch Title Animation Presets Pack | Glitch Text Maker

Glitch is a really popular effect, and this pack contains a whopping 70 different animations, meaning you’re sure to find something you like for this project and more to come. Sound effects are included and the effect will work with any font.

Video Thumbnail

2. Smooth Logos Pack

These four elegant logo reveals come with audio included as an added bonus. You won’t need any plugins to use them and they’re easy to customise!


3. Futuristic Cinematic Trailer

This super cool trailer has a hi-tech, HUD style with placeholders for text. It would work really well as part of a gaming or tech YouTube channel’s intro.

Video Thumbnail

10 Top Templates from Envato Market (Pay-as-You-Go)

1.  Lower Thirds

This set of lower thirds is clean and modern. In 4k and with full colour control, they’ll add class and style to any project.

Lower Thirds
Lower Thirds

2. Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit

When your standard earth zoom toolkit just isn’t enough, you need Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit.  Generate map images for your locations and change speed, zoom and duration. This After Effects template is out of this world.

Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit
Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit

3. 500 Animated Icons

Icons are a versatile way to get detail into just about any project. 500 Animated Icons offers a wide range of topics, such as entertainment, travel and industry. Each icon has its own animation, just drag and drop into your project and the animation will loop infinitely.

500 Animated Icons
500 Animated Icons

4. VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator

VoluMax offers a parallax style template with the simplicity of painting over your chosen layers. The download even includes a portrait pack to easily map and animate still portraits.

VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator
VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator

5. Call-Out Titles

Label parts of your presentation quickly and easily with the Call-Out Titles After Effects project. You won’t need any plugins and the download includes 33 pre-made call outs.

6. Surreal Freedom

You might have guessed it from the title, but this After Effects template is a surreal mix of 3D environments and dreamlike concepts. Your guess at the ideal project to use for this download is as good as mine, but it’s just so darn cool we had to include it.


7. AinTrailers | Explainer Video Toolkit with Character Animation Builder

Character explainers are hugely popular. Whether you’re creating an in-house presentation to wow your boss, or something more complex for a client, this toolkit has huge range, with more than 260 animations for each character.

AinTrailers  Explainer Video Toolkit with Character Animation Builder
AinTrailers | Explainer Video Toolkit with Character Animation Builder

8. Mobile App Developer Intro

A stylish, flat opener, Mobile App Developer Intro lets you educate potential customers about the benefits of your mobile project. The download comes with a detailed tutorial to help you get going.

Mobile App Developer Intro
Mobile App Developer Intro

9.  E-Marketing Presentation

Stick figures are another widespread way to get your message across to a viewer. The E-Marketing Presentation is set up with 6 scene sequences and you have a choice of woman or man’s hand, which is… er, handy!

E-Marketing Presentation
E-Marketing Presentation

10. Typography Promo

Typography Promo is fast, colourful and in your face—designed to grab your viewers’ attention! The template works with images, photos or video and boasts a fast render time.

Typography Promo
Typography Promo

More Great After Effects Templates

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