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10 Top Instagram Video Templates for FCPX


Instagram is a great way to showcase your work, tease your ongoing projects and instantly connect with your followers. From Stories, IGTV, and posting directly to your profile, Instagram has expanded the ways you can share your content on their platform.

In this round up we take a look at ten favourite video templates for Final Cut Pro X. The talented creators at Envato Elements and Envato Market have produced some wonderful templates to help you with your projects, excite and connect with you existing followers, helping you reach new people and get to your next milestone.

Top Instagram Templates from Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a powerful resource, saving you time while improving the quality of your projects with a giant catalogue of video templates, stock video, and music.

1. Instagram Stories Collection

With Instagram Stories Collection you’ll be get your message across using a large range of templates that are professional and pleasing to the eye. Customize your stories and add appealing ways to direct attention. Whether you are selling your new shirt designs or letting your fans know about your upcoming event, this collection is a great way to engage your audience.


2. Instagram Stories V.5

This is a set of 30 awesome Instagram stories templates. With a clean and striking minimal design, Instagram Stories V.5 will draw attention and engage followers with your crafted content. Easily change the placeholders and well as the colours will few clicks. This template comes with an easy to understand tutorial!


3. Creative Titles

Creative Titles pack is made with content creators in mind. Well organized, stylish, with smooth animation and wide range of customization that allows you to get the look you’re after.


4. Social Media Logo

A simple and direct logo for your Instagram account. Check out the preview to see for yourself:


5. Modern Opener

This opener is made for those who love Instagram. There are tons of text and media placeholders, resolutions for square (600x600, 1080,1080) and IGTV and you’ll be able to use any font you wish. A great way to tease your upcoming projects.


6. The Ultimate Story Pack

If you use Instagram as a platform to sell your brand and reach more people, this is your complete Story kit, made with vertical stories in mind. These highly engaging and easily customizable elements will give your stories a huge edge to help separate yourself from the and crowd, letting you to connect with more people!


7. Typography Scenes, Lower Thirds ,YouTube Kit and Shape Transitions

A mouthful of a name, this is a giant utility pack for social media users is a essentially a jack knife of templates, and useful for a variety of effects you’d like to accomplish from wonderful typography, motion graphics, to lower thirds that are easily customizable.


8. Glitch Modern Opener

Similar to Modern Opener mentioned earlier on this list, this opener is made for those who love instagram. There are tons of text and media placeholders, resolutions for square (600x600, 1080,1080) and IGTV and you’ll be able to use any font you wish. All with a well-made RGB split and glitch layer. A helpful video tutorial will help get you set up.


9. Fast Typo Opener

A unique and fun typography opener for Final Cut with IGTV resolution. There are pliantly of placeholders for your text and media, you’ll be able to use any font and use effect controls to tweak things to your liking.


10. FCPX Zoom Transitions

This transitions pack is a unique style zoom transitions with adjustable 3D glitch effect! The transitions work with a simple drag-and-drop method and all of the Instagram resolutions. A great feature is that all of the transitions included can be mixed together to reach different kind of animation.


That's it, thanks for stopping by and seeing some of the great tools we have to offer. Here are a few tutorials to keep you learning about Final Cut Pro X:

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