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How to Make the Switch to Affinity Photo, With Kezz Bracey

Welcome to the Weekly What's Up! Here's what's happening at Tuts+ Photo & Video this week:

Make the Switch to Affinity Photo: Live Filters and Inpainting

In our feature interview this week we catch up with Kezz Bracey to talk about Affinity Photo's live filters and inpainting features. The next installment of Kezz's Make the Switch to Affinity Photo coffeebreak series comes Friday, when Kezz shows how how to use Photoshop workflows and plugins in Affinity Photo.

Monday: Lightroom in 60 Seconds

Monday, Andrew Childress explains Adobe Lightroom in 60 Seconds. We're working on a series of guides to learning Lightroom. Get caught up with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Quickstart Beginner's Guide and Next-Level Lightroom: How to Go Beyond Import and Edit.

Tuesday: Street Photography

Amy Touchette continues her Street Photography series Tuesday with How to See and Use Daylight Creatively. Previously: Strangers on the Street: How to Make It Go Right—and What to Do When It Doesn’t.

Wednesday: HDR

On Wednesday, Harry Guinness answers: What is HDR? and shows how to create high dynamic range photographs. Harry previously took a look at a more advanced form of high dynamic range photography in How to Make a Long Exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photo.

Thursday: An Unusual Portrait

Harry is back to Look at This! Thursday again, this time with an unexpected underwater portrait.

Friday: Black and White

And Friday, Dawn Oosterhoff tests out Macphun's Tonality CK as a fun way to do black and white conversion.

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