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Street photography is a particularly improvisational, intuitive, and mysterious genre of photography. A historically solitary, highly personal pursuit, it’s rarely evident how street photographers work with a subject that’s so inherently unpredictable. This series of tutorials breaks down the mysteries of making images of the public into digestible steps that you can apply to your own practice as you see fit.

The tutorials will help you decipher who you are as a street photographer, what you want, and how to accomplish your personal vision. How you handle yourself on the street, your methodologies for taking photographs, and your motives for photographing in public spaces are unique and continually evolving. Experiment with a variety of approaches, equipment, and settings until you find what works best for you and when you’re at an impasse in your current creative process.

Start the series by reading “What Is Street Photography?” Even if you feel you know the character of street photography, it’s helpful to lay it all out there first. Then, design your own curriculum depending on your challenges and interests.

Practical Matters

Choosing Your Equipment

You can use any camera for street photography, from pocket point-and-shoot to 8x10 large format. Your camera is an important creative and technical decision. Try out a few to discover what works for you.

Preparing to Photograph

Supporting Yourself

Experience on the Street

Communicating with Strangers (Including Wordlessly)

Staying Present and Connected

Creative Issues

Furthering Your Personal Vision

Using Light on the Street

Photographing Indoors


Assessing and Editing Your Photographs

Please note: We will be adding new tutorials to this series regularly. However, if there’s a topic you’re interested in that we have not yet covered, please contact us.

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