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3 Top Video Assets for Ecological Businesses and Environmental Organisations

If sustainability and environmental concerns are something you feel passionate about, try our top template picks to help you create meaningful and engaging videos.

Here are three quick tips to consider when you’re making your video:

  • Have a call to action, even if that’s just to visit your website to see more information
  • Facts and statistics can be important to many campaigns, but integrate them into a story to help engage people
  • Don’t preach: when we feel strongly about something it can be hard to direct that that enthusiasm without coming across as a nag—you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, as they say

Video Templates for Environmentally Responsible Businesses and Organisations

These templates are all from Envato Elements, available to use as often as you want, and to try as many as you want, for one low monthly subscription.

1. Ecological Icons Tree (Project Template Adobe After Effects)

 A tree representing bio-energy grows and branches off into icons representing renewable energy, recycling and other environmental concerns. This template for After Effects is the perfect opener for any project focusing on sustainable development or environmental issues.

2. Set of Flat Line Color Banners

This set of illustrations covers various elements concerning the environment, including solar energy, wind farms, pollution and more. They come in vector format for unrestricted scaling, and also JPEG, PDF, and PSD.

Set of Flat Line Color BannersSet of Flat Line Color BannersSet of Flat Line Color Banners
Set of Flat Line Color Banners

3. Improve The Environmental Situation, The Silhouette Of A Woman In The Office (Stock Video)

In this short piece of stock footage, we see a woman with a tablet standing at a window. As sustainable energy and environmental icons emerge against the glass, we see the landscape outside change from industrial wasteland to a lush, green view.

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