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5 Top Animation Preset Packs for Premiere Pro

Animation can add a little life and flavour to your video, but it's a time-consuming thing to build yourself. Why not try some animation preset packs to get you started? In this article, we cover a mix of our favourite preset collections for Premiere Pro; available from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Top Animation Presets for Premiere Pro

Text Animation Toolkit

Featured Premiere Pro Template From Envato Elements

A comprehensive animation preset pack for Premiere Pro featuring a variety of text animations.

Key Features

There are over 120 text animation presets in this Premiere Pro pack: long, short, outline and effects. They have a variety of parameters like 3D, scale, position, rotation and opacity so you can have full control over how your text animations look. No plugins are needed but you will need to have PP 2021+ and also AE 2021+ installed to use these.

  • Applications: Premiere Pro 2021+, After Effects 2021+
  • Requirements: No plugins needed
  • Author: Hushahir

Download and Try

Envato Elements has unlimited downloads for millions of creative stock items with a single subscription, including hundreds of Premiere Pro templates, plus audio tracks, fonts, graphics, presets and more.

The template: Text Animation Toolkit is available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

More Animation Preset Packs for Premiere Pro

Want to try a few different options? With Envato Elements you can download as many Premiere Pro templates as you like as part of the subscription. Here are some more great templates available from Elements.

Motion Presets for Premiere Pro

Create easy motion and animations in Premiere Pro with this preset pack. Scale, fade, rotate, position and more with over 150 presets.

Essential Titles Pack

90+ flexible title templates for Premiere Pro including 20 text presets, and all can be customised. This one needs PP 2019 or later.

More Top Animation Resources From Elements

If you'd like to see some other items that might work well with your video and are also available as part of a subscription to Envato Elements, here's a little bit of inspiration.

WordPress Plugin: Lottie Animation for WordPress Editor

If you have a WordPress site, this Lottie Animation is great for adding fun, encouraging engagement, demonstrating processes and much more. There are custom animation options, it's very responsive and it's lightweight, so it won't slow down your website.

Lottie Animation for WordPress EditorLottie Animation for WordPress EditorLottie Animation for WordPress Editor
Lottie Animation for WordPress Editor

Soundtrack: Cartoon Animation

A great, acoustic background tune that would work well with animated elements in a video.

Graphics: Cartoon Character Design For Animation

A cute cartoon character made up of separate elements that you can then animate with Lottie.

Cartoon Character Design For AnimationCartoon Character Design For AnimationCartoon Character Design For Animation
Cartoon Character Design For Animation / Envato Elements

Animation Preset Packs From Envato Market

If you prefer to buy as you go Envato Market has you covered. Here are our top choices for animation preset templates for Premiere Pro.

70 Glitch Title Animation Presets Pack $36

Distortion, glitches, aberrations and much more are included in this set of Premiere Pro glitch animation presets for titles. They work with any font and the sound effects are included with the download too. You can adjust the duration of the animation by dragging the clip.

Text Presets — $45

This Premiere Pro set may look a little on the pricey side, but there's a lot included. There are over 1000 motion text presets in the pack including decode, fade, position, rotation, scale, skew and more. Sound effects are included too, as are some detailed video tutorials plus future updates. You'll need Premiere 2019+.

More Resources for Premiere Pro

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