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10 Top Skateboard Video Templates for Final Cut Pro X

Youtube has changed the game for skaters and the skateboarding industry, whether your vlog lightly features skating or it has a weekly skateboard how-to segment along with the occasional part. By representing themselves and putting in the time to connect with an audience, skaters have the power to build their own reputations and companies, and inspire others to do the same.

In this list we've included 10 professional templates by Envato Elements and Market that will give you access to great colour grades, titles, transitions, openers, as well as lower third options for your videos.

How to Create a Speed Ramp in Final Cut Pro X

In this short tutorial learn how to create a speed ramp, which is a method of slowing down or speeding up video to accentuate a segment. It's a simple and quick technique that can work well for skate video.

5 Top Skate Templates from Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a powerful resource that can help you save time while improving the quality of your final projects. A monthly or annual subscription gains you access to a large library of tools, like courses here on Envato Tuts+, and a giant catalogue of video templates, stock video, and music. All these help keep your workflow moving efficiently and the quality of your work top-notch.

1. Ultra Color

Ultra Color is a well organized template that consists of 100 LUT options divided into 10 tidy categories. It has a user friendly design allowing you drag and drop as well and he ability to preview the look without rendering.

2. Inspiring Lower Thirds

The use of a lower third is a classic way to display someones name. Inspiring Lower Thirds are well designed, stylistic, and minimal. This template has wonderfully simple in/out animations that grab attention without being overly distracting.

An array of lower-thirds graphics options

3. Zoom Transitions

When used in moderation and at the right moment Zoom Transitions can be the perfect tool to connect two clips that weren’t feeling right with a classic jump cut. This pack is loaded with fifty great options and features an easy-to-use drag and drop system.

4. Creative Titles

Titles will always be a nice tool to have on hand. Even in a skate video. Creative Titles offers 25 unique title styles to choose from, and with easy customization over the parameters you’ll be able to fit this in. I’d recommend it as alternative to using lower thirds.

5. Glitch Logo Intro

Glitch Logo Intro is a great way to add a simple flair to your video. Just add your already existing logo, edit to your liking and you are off!

5 Top Skate Templates for FCPX from Envato Market (Pay-as-You-Go)

If you'd rather buy your templates as-you-go, check out these highlights from Envato Market:

1. Urban Glitch Opener

Urban Glitch Opener is a stylish and modern template filled with awesome glitch effects and transitions. This Final Cut Pro X template gives you total freedom. Change the speed, duration, position and much more.

2. Minimal Callout Pack

This template might not be suited for a standard skate video, but would work wonders with a how-to-skate tutorial. With Minimal Callout Pack you can easily explain the nuances of foot positions as well as other important information you want to display with style.

3. Light Leak Transitions

The Light Leak Transition pack is filled wonderful transitions that are bright and modern. This pack features a simple drag and drop method to add transitions to your timeline and offers you over a hundred transitions to choose from. With tools that are easy to use you can customize the parameters such as intensity and saturation that help you balance the effect to your taste.

4. FCPX Vertical Titles

The simple design of the animated titles in this template are beautiful. This would work amazingly to highlight the skaters names featured in the video. It comes with helpful video tutorial to get you going.

5. VHS Opener

Though not every opener is suitable to be used in a skateboard video, VHS Opener has some nice charm to it and can easily be used to create a teaser video for an upcoming release.

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