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10 Top Trap Songs to Make Engaging Videos and Slideshows

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Trap is currently one of the more popular genres in music, and its influence can be heard all over the top-40 charts. In this roundup we’ve put together some of our favorite trap instrumentals using Envato Elements to help you find the right sound.

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1. Uplifting Trap

Beautiful and energetic, this track quickly brightens up your production. Uplifting Trap features two dynamic sections, bright melodies, and a memorable refrain. 

2. The Trap

This is a bold theme with EDM sensibilities. It’s perfect for action; deep low end, multiple drops, and driving melodies give this track a lot of life and versatility.

3. Electro Pop and Trap

A pure top-40s anthem. Clean, polished, and universally recognizable as a contending modern sound.

4. Bass Trap Commercial

Bass Trap Commercial provides duality for your projects: a soft trance-like introduction is met with a great build, leading into a heavy beat with signature trap drums that we love.

5. Chill Ambient Trap

If you are looking something that’s more experimental and ambient, this track could be what you are looking for. It’s full of emotional riffs, atmospheric synths, and an abstract flow that’s full of character. 

6. Take Control

Take Control is a powerful composition; orchestral string arrangements on top an epic chord progression. This instrumental has a lot of dynamic range that keeps you engaged along the way. 

7. The Edge

Often we find ourselves looking for the perfect song to match our epic b-roll. The Edge provides enough excitement to deserve your buttery slow motion footage. 

8. Trapstep Adventure

The name says it all. This track inspires travel with its lighthearted melody and feel good beat.  

9. Modern Promo Video

Modern Promo consists of familiar chord progressions and memorable melodies helping you keep the focus on your project. Its driven motivational tone gently pulls you, leaving you engaged.

10. Creativity 

Last but not least, Creativity is a subtle groove with water like keys and heavy reverb: it’s a beautiful ambient beat with a lot of substance.

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