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10 Top Hip Hop Audio Tracks for Videos and Slideshows


Hip Hop is a broad genre of music that often incorporates other elements of art as a reflection of its culture. In this roundup, we’ve put together some of our favourite Hip Hop Instrumentals using Envato Elements to help you find the right sound.

Finding the right music for your project can be enjoyable. Envato Elements allows you to create defined collections you can easily manage, making it a breeze to preview your top choices, quickly and efficiently.

Light trails long exposure cityscape at night
Urban Roads (China), by liufuyu, from Envato Elements

1. Hip Hop Cinematic

This song is for looking for an adventure; epic strings and a great beat that pulls you closer to the action.  Perfect for bringing a sense of triumph to any of your videos.

2. Lo-fi Hip Hop

A charming abstract beat that serves your project looking for a driving force, while still being tame enough for your message to shine.

3. Dark Edgy Piano Hip Hop

Deep bass and a seriously bouncy groove; add some gritty suspense to your project with this piano heavy beat.

4. The Inspiration

The feeling of achievement is hard to miss in this versatile composition.  A soft piano opening that doesn’t disappoint. Anthemic strings and phased bass matched with a snappy beat give you the feeling of accomplishment. 

5. Urban Hip Hop Beat

This song features choppy samples, break beats and melodic synth flutes.  There’s tons of movement that provides a great excuse to add some exciting editing to match this chopped beat.

6. Night Dreams Hip Hop

A heartfelt ambient track that has you feeling melancholy.  Shimmering keys, hand claps, and trapish hi-hats carry you along. 

7. Chilled Trip Hop

Chilled Trip Hop is an abstract song with pulsating mids, arpeggiated keys, and a sci-fi leaning theme.  Multiple rises and falls throughout the composition create a dynamic track that is captivating.

8. Epic Cinematic Hip Hop

Featuring big brass and funk guitars, this beat takes influence from Chicago Hip Hop and 70’s funk.  It’s a punchy groove that works well as a backing track for one of your shorter projects.

9. Fun Upbeat Summer Hip Hop

This is a great track. Chopped vocal samples make up the melody and a simple bass line creates an incredibly catchy track.  While being modern, it has an 80’s pop sensibility, making it hard not to tap along.

10. Travel Photography

Travels Photography features dreamy piano, sweeping high pass filters, and a feel good groove.

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