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3 Top Live Commerce Video Templates for DaVinci Resolve

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Live commerce is becoming huge, especially in China. In this article, we’ll show you three of our favourite live commerce video templates for DaVinci Resolve from Envato Elements. We'll even throw in a few bonus assets for you to check out too!

3 Top Live Commerce Video Templates for DaVinci Resolve

Think of it as modern-day teleshopping like QVC; a mix of live streaming plus shopping to promote engagement and encourage sales, where a limited number of products are available and consumers can see others buying them in real time, as well as asking questions related to the products or services. Here are some great live commerce motion graphics templates for DaVinci Resolve to help you get started.

Broadcast Countdown Version 0.1

Build some excitement before your live commerce stream by adding a countdown that will grab the attention of your viewers. 

Key Features

This is a bright and bold countdown template for DaVinci Resolve. Each number is a different shape and uses the colours red, white, and black, which you can change to suit.

Supported Program(s): DaVinci Resolve
Requirements: None
Author: Renname

Download and Try 

With a subscription to Envato Elements, you get unlimited DaVinci Resolve templates, video, audio, images, graphics and more.

Broadcast Countdown Version 0.1 template for ACR is available to download from Envato Elements.

Download Template

More Live Commerce Motion Graphics Templates for DaVinci Resolve

With unlimited downloads on the Envato Elements subscription you can try as many templates as you like. Here are a couple more examples:

Instagram Black Friday Stories

If you're promoting a sale during a live commerce broadcast, then try using these bright vertical templates as graphics. There's full colour control, and you'll need to be using Resolve 16.2 or above.

Modern Call Outs For DaVinci Resolve 

Label your products or services with these minimal and easy-to-read callouts for DaVinci Resolve. They're full HD and designed in a modern and clean style.

Instagram Black Friday StoriesInstagram Black Friday StoriesInstagram Black Friday Stories
Instagram Black Friday Stories / Envato Elements

More Creative Assets for Live Commerce

Envato Elements has millions of creative assets. Here are a few more that fit with live commerce, all included in a subscription.

Graphic Template: iPhone 13 Shopping

A series of mockups to show phone shopping, perfect for live commerce.

iPhone 13 ShoppingiPhone 13 ShoppingiPhone 13 Shopping
iPhone 13 Shopping / Envato Elements

Music: Online Shopping

A music track with a celebratory feel—a great way to hype up excitement before your broadcast.

Stock Footage: Rear View of Woman With Shopping Bags

A fun piece of stock footage of a woman with bags heading to do some more shopping.

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