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10 Top Sticker Packs for Videos in After Effects

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Stickers provide a fun way to communicate information in your video projects. If you are looking to spice up your videos check out these top sticker packs for After Effects from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Top Sticker Packs for Videos in After Effects

Featured Template from Envato Elements: Animated Stickers

Animated Sticker pack contains 12 unique stickers that you can customise to suit your message. Just add your text and change the colours as needed and use your sticker to help keep your viewers entertained. 

Key Features

Program: Adobe After Effects
Requirements: No plug-ins required
Resolution: 1920 ×1080
Author: GrussGott

More Sticker Packs for After Effects

Unlimited downloads from Envato Elements means you can try out as many After Effects templates as you want, so if our featured sticker pack isn't quite what you need, here are a few other great alternatives from Envato Elements you can try instead. 

Animal lovers will adore this sticker pack featuring a large collection of quirky hand drawn and animated animals stickers. 

With over 80 social media and emoji stickers to choose from, it's be awhile before you run out of cool illustrations and text to add to your video footage. 

This After Effects stories pack contains spectacular stickers for you video footage to engage and entertain your audience. Change the colours and the text as you want to suit your needs.

If you run a business, Sticker Sale Titles is exactly the pack you need to add to your videos to promote special offers, giveaways, and sales in a cool and engaging way. 

More Sticker Packs from Envato Market

Envato Market is another source of animated stickers, but it works a bit differently from Elements. Instead of a monthly or yearly subscription, at Market you buy one item at a time; a great option when you're on a budget or need something extra-specific.

Live Stickers Library — $39

With over 500 animated stickers in dozens of categories, Live Stickers Library is great value for money. When you can afford just one sticker pack, this one guarantees that you have enough choices available to keep your projects looking fresh.

Travel Stickers for After Effects — $18

Colourful and fun, Travel Stickers for After Effects are all about heightening the interest and excitement in your travel videos and social media content. The templates are all very easy to customise and add to your footage.

Social Media Stickers for After Effects - $18

The Social Media Stickers pack offers eye-catching templates with animated hand-drawn elements. A great choice for your Instagram, YouTube or TikTok content, these stickers allow for full customisation.

Cartoon Hearts Stickers for After Effects - $18

These heart stickers are all about love. Don't miss the opportunity to add these sweet hand-drawn and animated hearts elements wherever they will have maximum impact on your media.

Liquid Stickers for After Effects - $18

Liquid Stickers offers a collection of cute animated cartoon shapes. There are a great choice for special occasion videos as well as social media.

More Templates for After Effects

Here are more top After Effects resources and tutorials to try from Envato Tuts+:

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