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1.3 Conclusion

Thanks for taking the Affinity Photo Quick Tips Coffee Break Course! Let's recap what you've learned and take a quick look at what's coming up next.

1.3 Conclusion

[MUSIC] Thanks very much for taking Affinity Photo quick tips part of our make the switch to Affinity Photo Coffee Break Course series. We went through four really cool little quick tips on how to use Affinity Photo. We looked at how you can save your history along with your document, how you can search inline for stock images, how you can have a live preview when you're looking at different blend modes, and how you can have a look at a before and after view when you're using non-live filters or you're in develop mode. In the next installation of our Make the Switch to Affinity Photo series, we're gonna be checking out how you can use Affinity Photo alongside your Photoshop workflow. So Affinity Photo has a really great ability to export PSDs and to import PSDs. And we'll go through how you can work with that. It also has the ability to use ABL brushes. So all of your favorite brushes from Photoshop, you can use in Affinity Photo. And you can also even use Photoshop plugins inside of Affinity Photo, as well. And we'll go through all of those things in the next Coffee Break Course. I'll see you there!

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