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How to Add a Logo to Videos in Final Cut Pro X (Quick and Easy Basic Method)

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Thankfully, adding a logo to your project is a pretty easy process with Final Cut Pro X.

1. Add Your Logo to the Timeline

First, open up your project in Final Cut.

Now locate the logo file on your computer: it will probably be a .png or .jpg file. From the Finder, click and drag the file into Final Cut and drop it above your main clip on your timeline. Place your image file where you’d like the logo to start.

2. Style

You’ll notice during the playback your logo will take up the entire frame and only for a short amount of time. Unless that’s look you are going for, here is a how to get your logo looking the way you want.

First let's resize your logo. Select the Transform function located at the far left underneath the playback viewer. There are three options; Transform, Crop, and Distort. The option you’ll need to use is Transform. Once you click Transform you’ll be able to see an adjustment box where you can both position and scale your logo until its exactly how you’d like it to be. Once that’s done you’ll be able to finish up the action by selecting Done, located at the top right hand side of the playback viewer.

  1. Select Transform.
  2. Use the Adjustment box to scale and place your logo where you’d like it.
  3. Finish up by click Done. If you’d like to try again click reset.
  4. Adjust the duration by clicking on your logo by visually extending the logo on your timeline.

Transparency Effects

A common addition to a logo is adjusting the transparency of your image. Doing this is really easy and it has a nice look to it.

  1. Select the logo
  2. Click on the video icon. See figure.
  3. Use the menu in Blend Mode to select your preference.
  4. Use Opacity to adjust the the transparency to your taste.

Try Out Logo Templates for Final Cut Pro

If you are looking for something dynamic to add your logo, Envato Elements has a great selection of logo stings for Final Cut Pro. Here are a few that I enjoy:

Elegant Corporate Logo

Simple Shapes

You can find some more Final Cut Pro templates here.

Thanks for checking out this tutorial and make sure to check all the great tools and templates Envato has to offer.

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