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How to Quickly Rename a Batch of Pictures With Lyn for Mac

This post is part of a series called Digital Asset Management for Photographers (Learning Resource Guide).
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With robust rename tools and metadata management, Lyn for Mac is a fast and full-featured application to bring some sanity to your image collection.

In this video tutorial from my course, Image Library Management With Lyn, you'll learn how to apply renaming rules to your images. You’ll see how you can save time by using Lyn’s rename tool to batch this process. Our rename rules will hold the capture date and time and be unique to each image.

Batch renaming images in LynBatch renaming images in LynBatch renaming images in Lyn

Watch the Full Course

If you're ready to get your digital images organized, then try the full course, Image Library Management With Lyn. You will learn how to use Lyn to get your untagged digital files organized into a manageable, scalable library so that you can find and share your best pictures.

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