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Digital Asset Management for Photographers (Learning Resource Guide)

The great thing about digital photography is you can take photographs without worrying about costs. The challenging thing about digital photography is you can take lots of photographs. Instead of boxes, filing cabinets, and binders spilling a chaos of negatives and prints, we have computers, memory cards, and external hard drives packed full of image bits and bytes. It can get overwhelming, fast.

In this guide, you'll learn how to build an image-processing workflow setup that re-enforces good digital asset management practices and transcends operating systems, applications, and the generations.

What is Digital Asset Management?

For the purpose of this series, we define digital asset management as a system of practices, conventions, hardware and software for organizing, sorting, storing, and sharing digital images and video files.

Digital Asset Management Systems for Photography

Digital asset management is based on a few key principles. Use these guidelines when developing your DAM workflow:

How to Add Information and Organization to Your Photography Collection

A little bit of DAM can go a long way! Using keywords deliberately, sorting and rating your images, and adding contextual information is essential for a healthy archive.

Digital Asset Management Courses for Photographers

For more in-depth learning, check out a few of our our DAM-related courses

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