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How to Collaborate on a Video Edit With Kapwing

Kapwing is a browser-based video editor that can be used to edit video projects with a group, in real time.

A Great Video Editor for Beginners and Learning the Basics

Kapwing is perfect for students and beginners because it has a useful free tier, takes a no-nonsense approach to editing, and lets you collaborate in real time. Kapwing gives you all the basic tools needed to learn how to edit, make amazing group projects, and let's you skip the hassle of installing a complicated desktop NLE and paying the licensing fees associated with them. 

Note: The free version does have some limitations. The free version for class projects has a two day editing deadline, and adds a watermark on videos over five minutes.

Getting Started With Kapwing (For Collaboration)

If you've never used Kapwing and you'd like the run down on how to use the features, read How to Edit Video Using Kapwing Browser-Based NLE to get caught up. This goes over uploading and accessing built-in media options as well as the available editing tools.

Getting started with Kapwing as a collaborative NLE is as simple heading over to their website and  selecting sign into workspace to create an account. Once you've done that you're ready to create a link to the project so that your team can jump in and start editing with you. At the top the page you'll see a share icon. 

Sharing a Project with Kapwing

From here copy the provided link and send it to your team via email or text; you get full functionality from your phone or tablet. Once your team is all signed in you'll see them join the project and their avatar appear next to settings. You're now all set up to start collaborating.

A Team Working Together

Tips On Using Kapwing With A Team: Use Voice Chat

Editing video with a team at the same time can be kind of funny and a little confusing. Not because the software is hard to use, rather because the software is easy to use and very playful, so much so that it's easy to just muck about. When it's time to edit, it's very helpful for you and your team can talk over a voice chat at the same time, and to take turns so that the editing process is less chaotic.

That's it! 

Thanks for checking out this tutorial on Kapwing. We hope you enjoy your time editing and if you are looking for more great resources for video creation, check out these free tutorials:

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