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How to Create a Portrait Retouching Plan of Action

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This post is part of a series called People and Portrait Retouching.
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It's tempting, after a shoot, to jump right into retouching your images and fixing any problems you see.

Not so fast! If you start working without making a plan first, you can easily end up with an inconsistent body of work, as well as working inefficiently and spending too long on some images. 

So in this video tutorial from my portrait retouching course, I'll show you how to best visualize your work and form a plan of action before you begin retouching a group of photos. 

Retouching Workflow diagramRetouching Workflow diagramRetouching Workflow diagram

You'll also learn how to strike a balanced approach to your workflow so that photos meant to be shown together are retouched to the same level.

This workflow is, basically, about progressing through your retouching work in a consistent, repeatable way. You want to take all the images in your set from the most basic, global adjustments to the most specific, local adjustments at the same time, so that the set stays coherent. This approach also lets you build up a rhythm with your work.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

In the full course, Everyday Portrait Retouching, you'll learn the most effective, efficient, and tasteful ways to retouch traditional portraits and everyday photos. You will gain practical and professional retouching skills and confidence in your abilities as you work on actual photo projects throughout this hands-on course.

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