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How to Make Macro Photos on the iPhone 13 Pro

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Making macro photos can be extremely fun, more so because our eyes can't capture as much closeup detail as the lenses in our cameras can, so we get to enter these worlds that are so interesting and filled with detail!

There are a few easy and accessible ways in which you can take better macro photos on the iPhone 13 Pro using the three built-in cameras. In this short tutorial, you will learn how to make better macro photos.

macro photomacro photomacro photo

Macro Photography With 3 Different Lenses

Your iPhone 13 Pro camera has three lenses: 0.5x, which is an ultra-wide lens, 1x, which is a normal lens, and 3x, which is a telephoto lens. You can use the Macro option with all the lenses.

There are a few main differences you will experience with each lens.

1. Amount of Background

The first difference is the amount of background you will get around your subject, depending on the lens you use. With the 0.5x ultra-wide lens, you can get very close to the subject and still see a lot around it as the lens is ultra-wide and its mission is to capture as much of the scene as possible. With the 1x, you start to see fewer elements around your subject, and with the 3x telephoto lens, you get to see only the subject in your frame. 

All of these explanations work if you don't change your distance to the subject but only change the lens in your camera.

2. How Close You Need to Get

The second difference between the lenses will be in how close you need to be to your subject. With the 0.5x ultra-wide lens, you have to get extremely close to achieve the macro option. With the 1x, you have to be close, but not on top of the object as much as with the ultra-wide. With the 3x telephoto lens, you can be further away and get the macro option. 

Please note that with the telephoto lens, you will get significant camera shake, as the lens is trying to bring something closer to you from far away. It's a little like when you try to see the stars with a telescope—when you move a little, the camera also moves. A good solution for avoiding camera shake is to make sure your arm is resting on a steady surface so you have better balance.

3. Amount of Detail

The third difference is in the amount of detail you will get at the time of making the photograph. As you can see in the images below, the photo on the right, shot with the 3x telephoto lens, has the most detail. One thing that may happen is that you will pay attention to all of the details instead of also seeing the surroundings. This will have an impact on how your photograph is perceived.

0.5x lens, 1x lens, 3x lens (from left to right)0.5x lens, 1x lens, 3x lens (from left to right)0.5x lens, 1x lens, 3x lens (from left to right)
0.5x lens, 1x lens, 3x lens (from left to right)

Tips for Making Macro Photos With Your iPhone 13 Pro

  1. Start by getting very close to your subject so much that you see the subject blurred, and then pull back slowly so you can determine the minimum distance to the subject for having it in focus.
  2. Decide if you want more or less background, and choose the lens accordingly.
  3. Make sure the light source is next to you and not behind you so you don't cast any shadows.
  4. Anything can be interesting in macro photography. Explore all the objects in your home!
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