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Polarized Reflections in Theory and Practice

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Have you ever wondered how a polarizing filter works? In this short video tutorial from my recent course on light in photography, I explain what causes polarized reflections and how they affect your images.

I start by explaining the science of polarized reflections and how polarizing filters work, and then go on to explore some of the practical applications. You'll see examples of images affected by polarizing reflections, and the impact of a polarizing filter.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

Without light, there is no photography. In the full course, A Photographer's Guide to Light, you'll learn about visible light and the electromagnetic spectrum. You will learn about the three most important qualities of light for photographers: brightness, color, and contrast. 

Then you will learn about how light interacts with matter: how light is absorbed, how light is transmitted, and how light is reflected. As well as the polarized reflections covered in this tutorial, we'll also investigate diffuse and direct reflections. 

By the end of this course you will have learned a lot about light, and this will help you to control light, to predict what it's going to do, and to translate your ideas into fantastic-looking images. 

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