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Beyond the Image: How to Practice Your Essential Skills and Find Color Grading Work

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Using color grading is a great way to add a new dimension to your own projects, but it can also be the ticket to paid work for others. The key to success in color grading—both personally and professionally—is to be deeply inquisitive about the process, practice your skills regularly, and promote your services.

Trial and error is an important step in any learning process, but to successfully practice color grading you have to move beyond experimentation to true understanding. Take time to learn and study each tool. What does the “saturation” slider really do? How do curves play into the look and feel of a video? 

Once you understand the use of each tool, you can quickly and easily employ them to achieve a desired effect on any video. Practice, too, is key. Like any other skill, the more it is used, the better it becomes.

Once you’re truly comfortable with color grading, you may desire to seek paid work. Build a personal website and create a demo reel, showcasing your best work. Promote yourself—while work may find you, you’re likely better off trying to find work. Build networks and contacts, sharing your content both in-person and on your social platforms. Speak with companies, ad agencies, and other creatives, demonstrating what you can bring to the table. 

All of these tips and more are highlighted in the video above. If you want to learn color grading and wonder how it will be useful, or if you already know a bit and want to grow, this is the perfect place to start. You’ll hear from an experienced colorist who can point you along the path to success.

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