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3 Top Logo Sting Opener Templates for Final Cut Pro


Logo stings are the best way to bring your branding into motion. This round-up features three of the best logo sting templates for Final Cut Pro: simply drop your logo into place and go. We cover three key categories of opener: quick and simple, particle effects, and minimalist.

Best Logo Sting template for Final Cut Pro

About Elements

In this series, we're focusing on the best-of-the-best projects that you'll find in the Elements library. Envato Elements recently launched its video project section, including templates for popular video editing apps like Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. Even for rookie video editors, these templates can help you create professional videos by giving you an easy-to-use starting point. Each of the templates here is included with Elements.

Best Simple Logo Sting for Most People: Minimal Logo

The Minimal Logo project is our top choice for easy and simple openers, and it's easy to see why. Your logo intro doesn't have to be lengthy or complex to grab an audience's attention.

  • Who it's for: Any Final Cut Pro user that needs to bring a logo to life with some animation.
  • Why we like it: this template takes top marks for ease of use and customization.

Great Alternative Opener Templates

Best Particle Effect Logo Sting: Particles Quick Logo

Particles Quick Logo is a quirky, fun way to exhibit your logo. Watch your brand come together before your eyes with this creative choice.


Best Minimal Logo Sting: Clean Logo Reveal for Motion

Another great option for logo animation is the Clean Logo Reveal project. Simply drop your logo and it'll fly itself onto the screen. This project is perfect if you need to quickly grab audience attention.


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