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15 Top Logo Sting Templates for Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X

Read Time: 6 mins

Take a look at 15 of the best logo animation templates from Envato Elements Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion. Make sure to play the previews and see the projects in action.

15 Amazing Logo Stings From Envato Elements

Instead of learning animation from scratch (although we've got you covered there too), you can download all of the video projects you need with a subscription to Envato Elements. Choose from one of the projects in this article or from the many on Elements, download and open, drop your own logo image into the pre-built project, change any available options to get the intro just right, and export the finished logo animation.

Let's look at some premium logo animations you can download from Envato Elements.

1. Corporate Logo — Motion and Final Cut Pro

For a simple and clean logo that would feel right at home in a corporate video, this option for both apps is the perfect choice.

2. FCPX Liquid Logo — Final Cut Pro

Transform your logo into a liquid, fluid animation with this easy project for FCPX.

3. Minimal Logo FCPX — Motion and Final Cut Pro

Less can be more thanks to the simple, eye-catching shapes included with this logo animation for both apps.

4. Clean Logo Reveal — Motion and Final Cut Pro

With flashy lighting and simple animations, the Clean Logo Reveal ensures your viewers won't miss your logo.

5. 4K Logo Reveal — Motion and Final Cut Pro

Whether you use Apple Motion or Final Cut Pro X, this project will render out in 4K resolution for maximum quality no matter the device.

6. Minimal Logo For Motion — Motion and Final Cut Pro

A simple and quick logo zoom like this one can help you grab a viewer's attention and then quickly shift to your video content. 

7. Logo Reveal FCPX — Motion and Final Cut Pro

This is one of the more impressive selections in this round-up thanks to its detailed three-dimensional animations of your logo. You can use your own logo with this project easily and watch it animated with a futuristic feel.

8. Cinematic Grunge Logo V2 — Motion and Final Cut Pro

Let's get grungy! Not every logo reveal has to be clean and minimal, and this project is a great reminder of how texture and detail can bring your logo to life.

9. Corporate Logo Reveal FCPX — Motion and Final Cut Pro

Here's the second choice for more traditional, corporate style videos that require simple logo animations. 

10. Light and Magic Particle Logo — Motion and Final Cut Pro

There's no way that I could create an animation like this one from scratch. But that's exactly the point of using projects from Elements: start with this project, drop your logo in, and watch it animated with just a few clicks.

11. Clean Logo Reveal For Motion — Motion and Final Cut Pro

Clean reveals are best for quick animations that don't distract the audience, and this one is no exception.

12. Particle Burst Logo Reveal — Motion and Final Cut Pro

Particles come together to animate your logo onto the canvas in either Motion or Final Cut Pro thanks to this project.

13. Simple Clean Logo Intro — Motion and Final Cut Pro

Another clean option, this package will animate your logo in a simplistic style that helps your video cut straight to the chase.

14. Cinematic Logo Intro for Motion 5 — Motion and Final Cut Pro

This project feels right at home on the silver screen thanks to its high production quality. Animate your logo dramatically with this project for Motion and Final Cut.

15. Broadcast Logo Transition Pack V2 — Motion and Final Cut Pro

This package features several animations in a single download. Try out the various effects to animate your logo to life in a style that could fit into a broadcast package.

5 Tips for Making Better Branded Videos

If you're choosing logo stinger templates, odds are you're making some branded video content. Make sure your videos stand out from all the rest by using the tips below.

1. Know Your Goals Before You Start

Don't make a video just to say you did. Know the purpose of the video before you get started. Do you want to educate, inform, entertain, or something else? Each of these goals requires different things during the editing process.

2. Start Off Strong

Whether your branded video will live on or offline, you need to hold attention quickly. Content that engages audiences the best interest viewers in as soon as they click play. Does this mean you need to have blockbuster-level explosions? Not exactly. But find something about your brand or message that can relate to viewers.

School Logo Reveal TemplateSchool Logo Reveal TemplateSchool Logo Reveal Template
This cool logo reveal features a lot of eye-catching dynamic movement.

3. Tell a Story

Storytelling is how you keep viewers engaged after the first few seconds. While it's a key element of great branded videos, it's also a tricky one to pull off. To make it easier, think of how you can connect the goals your brand has for this video to benefits for the audience and consumers.

4. Lean Into Personality

Don't be afraid to let the brand's personality shine through the video. Think about what traits your brand is known for and what you'd like it to be known for. These traits should be present in the tone and editing of your branded video content.

Glitch Logo Reveal Apple Motion Final Cut Pro TemplateGlitch Logo Reveal Apple Motion Final Cut Pro TemplateGlitch Logo Reveal Apple Motion Final Cut Pro Template
This glitch logo reveal is perfect for a brand with a modern, stylish personality.

5. Don't Forget the Audio

Music does a great job of setting the tone of a video. It goes hand in hand with what's seen onscreen. The music tracks you choose should complement the style of the visuals and any voice overs you have. There are thousands of music tracks available from Envato Elements.

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