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15 Top Motion Graphics Video Templates for Premiere Pro in 2020


Motion graphics help to create a sense of style in video productions; working from a template gives you an easy starting point for making a good-looking video. In this round-up, check out 15 of the best Adobe Premiere Pro project templates on Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Top Templates for Motion Graphics from Envato Elements

Envato Elements has a big library of Adobe Premiere Pro projects, including lots of great motion graphics templates. Here is our selection:

1. Motion Elements Pack

The Motion Elements Pack from Premiere Pro is a perfect example of a project that uses motion graphics to create interest. With more than 100 unique shapes and more than 200 transitions, this package is enough to create a video for practically any purpose.


2. Minimal Lower Thirds

Lower thirds are used to add a bit of commentary to your video production. You'll frequently see lower thirds packages in action to identify on-screen interviewees. Try these graphics out to create motion and illustrate your video project in Premiere.


3. Minimal Glitch Titles

The glitch effect is a modern, unpredictable and jumpy effect that's perfect for grabbing and holding a viewer's attention. The glitch shapes and effects are perfect motion graphics that create an engaging video in Adobe Premiere Pro.


4. Clean Lower Thirds for Premiere

Here's another slick lower thirds package that you can add to your existing Adobe Premiere project. Just use your own footage and drop in these lower thirds to add a bit of description to your video footage.


5. Water Ripple Title

Make waves with the motion graphics in this project. All the way up to 1080p resolution, you can simply add in your own logo and text and watch it animated with this minimalist and clean Premiere Pro project.


6. Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles

This graphics titles package doesn't require any plugins to recreate and render broadcast elements up to 4K resolution. It is another great project that can take simple footage and surround it with motion graphics that make it more interesting.


7. Auto Resize Social Media Graphics Pack

Got something to say? Every social media manager needs a motion graphics package in their toolbelt to create engaging text-layover animations, quickly. 4K, HD, vertical, and square formats are also included.


8. Broadcast Sports Pack Essential Graphics

For sports broadcasts, you'll need extra graphics to really share the sense of action with an audience. Look no further than this package which blends motion graphics with your own footage to bring your sports broadcast to life.


9. Broadcast Design Lines Package Essential Graphics

You've decided to go live, great: now take that broadcast and add in graphic elements like the ones in this package to really bring it to life and make your feed look professional.


10. Fast Promo Opener Premiere Pro

For an upbeat and engaging intro, look no further. This Premiere Pro project features motion graphics and text combinations that really set the tone for your video project rapidly.


11. Extended Typography Mogrt

This easy-to-use Premiere Pro project finds the sweet spot between motion graphics and typography. Whether you use this a standalone typographic video, or effects that you can lay right on top of an existing video.


12. Short Quotes

Inspirational quote videos are really popular on YouTube and other social media platforms. If you want to create your very own, try out this package for Premiere Pro with illustrative typography graphics.


3 Top Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro from Envato Market

All of the templates in this section are from Envato Market, a pay-as-you-go marketplace to source creative assets. With the help of Market, you can keep your budget in check and still choose from the best templates.

Here are three of our top choices from Envato Market for motion graphics in Premiere.

13. Handy YouTube Motion Graphics

Growing your Youtube channel in 2020? This might be the best option to do so. All of the graphic assets are fitting of the top channels that you've seen on YouTube. There's a graphic for every purpose included int his pack.


14. Motion Graphics Elements Pack

You'll love the fresh style included in this motion graphics pack. It has everything you need to create an engaging video with just graphic assets. They're easy-to-customize and include modern design elements.


15. Infographic Animated Lists

I'm constantly amazed by how simple some of the most popular YouTube videos are. For example, many of them are just simple animated text and graphics matched to upbeat music. This asset can help you create a video that would fit the genre perfectly.


More Motion Graphics Resources

Maybe this article got you thinking about motion graphics and how you can use them to create engaging videos. Templates are just the start of working with motion graphics. With the help of some techniques and tools, you can learn to be a motion graphics artist.

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