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15 Top Essential Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro (Motion Graphics Panel)

The Essential Graphics panel and .mogrt templates for Adobe Premiere Pro have made adding motion graphics to video much easier! You can now have a professional-looking template that's simple to edit right in Premiere Pro, without needing to open it in Adobe After Effects.

These Graphic Elements for Premiere Pro are from Envato Elements.
These Graphic Elements for Premiere Pro are from Envato Elements.

We've rounded up ten of the best templates that you can use in Premiere Pro with the Essential Graphics panel. For some of these, note that you might need After Effects to be installed on your computer even if you don't use it.

Editorial Note: This post has been updated with contributions from Maria Villanueva. Maria is a staff writer with Envato Tuts+.

10 Top Essential Graphics Panel Templates for Premiere Pro From Envato Elements

The following Premiere Pro templates are available through Envato Elements as part of a subscription, so you can download and use as many as you like!

1. Buro—Instagram Stories—for Premiere Pro Essential Graphics

Instagram stories are hugely popular nowadays; they're a great way to promote businesses, brands, offers and more. Use this essential graphics pack to create modern and dynamic Instagram stories. You'll get 130 fully customisable templates.

2. Graphic Elements Premiere Pro Essential Pack

This Premiere Pro template is one of the most complete, with 330 animated elements, 45 animated typography scenes, 88 transitions and more. Everything is in 4K and renders quickly.

3. Youtubers Essential Pack (MOGRT) Premiere Pro

Looking for essential graphics for your YouTube channel? This Premiere Pro pack is for you. This essential graphics bundle comes with 52 MOGRT files: logo reveal, YouTube elements, social media lower thirds, end cards and more—everything you need for your YouTube videos!

4. 50 Wedding Titles Essential Graphics Mogrt

A stylish pack of 50 wedding titles, designed and animated to a high standard. This motion graphic pack for Premiere Pro is perfect for wedding and engagement videos, but also for anything you’d like to add a dash of romance to!

50 Wedding Titles  Essential Graphics  Mogrt
50 Wedding Titles | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

5. Motion Slides—Essential Graphics

Bright and bold, Motion Slides offer a variety of styles and colours to suit most projects. It's also typography based, so great if you have messages to share or to use as part of a presentation.

6. Big Sales—Essential Graphics—Mogrt

If you have a product to sell, give Big Sales a try – there are options for different orientations and dimensions so you can effectively cover your social media channels in the best way.

Big Sales  Essential Graphics  Mogrt
Big Sales | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

7. Modern Lower Thirds—Essential Graphics

A splash of colour works really nicely with these modern lower thirds, which make effective use of gradients for a slightly different look to the norm.

Modern Lower Thirds - Essential Graphics
Modern Lower Thirds—Essential Graphics

8. Explode Essential Graphics—Mogrt

Reveal your logo with a bang—ahem—with Explode for Premiere Pro. Your logo or text shatters outwards in impressive slow motion.

9. Minimal Titles for Premiere Pro—Essential Graphics

Minimal and stylish, these titles are easy to customise with a clean and modern look – complete with a dash of colour to help them stand out.

Minimal Titles for Premiere Pro  Essential Graphics
Minimal Titles for Premiere Pro | Essential Graphics

10. Stylish Broadcast Pack—Essential Graphics—Mogrt

If you’re looking for a broadcast pack for your YouTube or Instagram channels, then this has everything you’ll need, with a modern, flat design.

Stylish Broadcast Pack  Essential Graphics  Mogrt
Stylish Broadcast Pack | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

5 Top Essential Graphics Panel Templates for Premiere Pro From Envato Market

The next essential Premiere Pro templates are from Envato Market, where you can pay for and download items as you need them.

1. Essential Transitions For Premiere Pro

An essential graphics pack with transitions is a must-have. This Premiere Pro bundle comes with everything you may need for your video projects. You'll get 400+ essential transitions with effects control and different resolutions. 

2. Youtube Essential Library Premiere Pro

With over 3000 sales, this YouTube essential graphics pack is one of the most popular on Envato Market. If you produce content for YouTube, you need to get this. In this essential graphics pack you'll get over 100 elements to make your content look super professional!

3. MAP Designer—Essential Graphics

Create point-to-point map animations with MAP Designer, in the Essential Graphics panel. There are 15 icons included as well as a detailed video tutorial to help you use the template.

MAP Designer - Essential Graphics
MAP Designer—Essential Graphics

4. Broadcast Pack—Essential Graphics—Mogrt

A multipurpose broadcast pack for Premiere Pro, this download includes lower thirds, nexts, transitions, openers, and social networks. You can adjust colours, positions and size of elements easily to suit your broadcast.

Broadcast Pack  Essential Graphics  Mogrt
Broadcast Pack Essential Graphics Mogrt

5. Explainer World Essential Graphics—Mogrt

This huge pack has everything you need to create a cute and comprehensive explainer video in Premiere Pro. There are 60 characters (with 50 pose animations for each), 50 backgrounds, almost 200 country maps, 100 transitions and much, much more.

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