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50 Top Adobe After Effects Projects and Templates to Watch in 2017

This post is part of a series called Market Watch: Current Styles and Hot Trends in Video.
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In this article we cover templates and projects for Adobe After Effects that have been really popular over the last couple of years, and introduce you to some brand new ones with great potential!

5 New After Effects Templates From Envato Elements

Here are five brand new After Effects templates with real potential. They're available on Envato Elements, where you can download as many as you like once you're subscribed.

Travel Vlog Opener

Trendy and fun, this opener for After Effects is perfect if you're a travel guru! Create a stylish travel slideshow with placeholders for 13 media items and 11 text items.

Travel Vlog Opener
Travel Vlog Opener

ToonShow (Broadcast Pack)

This fun, wildly animated pack includes openers, transitions, lower thirds and a number of 'toon FX' for you to create something truly entertaining.


Game Zone (Broadcast Pack)

Welcome to the Game Zone! If you have a gaming channel, blog or vlog then this broadcast pack for After Effects is perfect. It includes an opener and closer, transitions, animated backgrounds, FX and much more.

Game Zone Broadcast Pack
Game Zone (Broadcast Pack)

Logo Abstract

If you're looking for a brand new way to jazz up your animated logo, then give this abstract template a try. Based around a glitch theme, it's atmospheric and powerful.

Logo Abstract
Logo Abstract

Movies Titles Opening

Go for a stylish, cinematic movie effect with these opening titles. They're filled with grunge effects and are fast-moving to help build a real sense of anticipation.

Movies Titles Opening
Movies Titles Opening

20 Great After Effects Templates on VideoHive

30 Simple Titles

30 unique titles and lower thirds graphics templates in resolutions up to 4K. Easy to customize with an integrated title controller: quickly change zoom, color, backgrounds, shadows, and duration.

Video Thumbnail

FX Particle Builder | Fire Dust Smoke Particular Presets

Breathe life into your project by creating fire, dust, smoke, sparkle, flames or glass particle effects the fastest and easiest way possible. Requires Trapcode Particular.

Video Thumbnail

Dynamic Opener

Upbeat and stylish opener with 35 placeholders and full color control.

Dynamic opener After Effects Template

Rigmo: Rigged Character Animation Mockup

Don't waste your time with rigging! Animation has never been so easy. Just design your character in Adobe Photoshop and load it into After Effects: Rigmo takes care of the rest.

Video Thumbnail

Lower Thirds

24 versatile, modern and attractive lower-thirds for any project.

Video Thumbnail

Platinum | Logo Reveal

Platinum includes six styles of logo reveal in 4K resolution, with updated 4K backgrounds. You can use your own logo color.


Wedding Titles

After Effects wedding titles template for professional videography projects. Choose from a variety of vintage and modern titles to add as openers to your cinematic wedding videos. Simply customize the text and import your background video. Includes 14 templates.

Superhero Logo

Two openers in one! Build suspense with a comic book style, or capture a fun, upbeat vibe with the ‘love’ opener.

Video Thumbnail

Cinematic Parallax Slideshow

Cinematic slide show perfect for your opener, TV show, photo/video slideshow or any media opener, even special events. Very simple and well organize project: you can easily change the colors in just one simple step. Chang the text , drop your media, audio and hit render.

Double Exposure Generator

Now you can make creative double exposure motion graphics easily. Packed with features: 29 preview video scenes included to use as base for your project, 15 empty scenes to fill in, preview video footage included, over 200 photos and 18 videos included, all licensed CC0, six custom map presets for making 3D effect portraits, and six animated cameras in every scene to choose from.

Urban Opener

Vibrant but edgy, this versatile pack gets you there. Harness the energy of the urban environment with glitch effects, lens dirt and modern aesthetics.

Video Thumbnail

Upbeat Transitions

Clean graphics with bold geometric wipes create crisp visual effect in this transitions pack. Transition sounds are included for added impact.

Video Thumbnail

9 Modern Glitch Titles

Glitch effects continue to go strong for 2017. This title pack takes a modern approach to glitch for a subtle distortion effects that will add a little digital drama to any project.

Video Thumbnail

Liquid Motion Elements

Liquid Motion time! If you are looking for something unique, colorful and expressive, pay your attention to this project! Some elements were drawn frame by frame for a long time. You can combine the elements and create unique things, whether it’s a slideshow, presentation, logo reveal or anything you want. It’s really powerful tool for your work. Just use your imagination!

Video Thumbnail

Simple Infographics

Simple Infographics contains easily customizable and quick to use After Effects CS6 template with animated pre made Pie Infographics Charts, Horizontal & Vertical Charts, Minimal Horizontal & Vertical chats, Pie Charts With Placeholders, Timelines, Call Outs, Text Blocks & Lower Thirds and Social Icons Package up to 4k resolution. Easy customize it and combine infographic charts with full expressions control panel. Choose your color, holding on time, opacity, size, and, of course, change value in few click.

Simple infographics bar chart example image

Social Media Video Captions

Create engaging titles and captions like Buzzfeed and NowThis for your company’s social media videos! From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between this template has what you need to create worksafe text so your viewers can follow along without the sound on. 

Chicago ferris wheel with closed caption example

Map Kit

Map kit includes 202 countries, 51 US state maps, a full world map, 2D and 3D 4K maps versions for each country at 3840X2160, and Font Awesome integration for over 600+icons to use as pins.

Animated Map Path

A fully customizable project, no extra plugins required, very easy to edit, and several video tutorials are included.

map with pins and flags marking points on a path

Event Promo

A bold, modern opener, this sophisticated template with on-trend flat graphics promo adds sleek credibility to your project.

Video Thumbnail

Clean Lower Thirds

70 Clean Lower Thirds in Full HD (1920×1080) resolution.

Video Thumbnail

30 Bestselling Adobe After Effects Templates of 2016 on VideoHive

Mosaic Photo Reveal

Have you ever wanted to create a mosaic image? Now you can with Mosaic Photo Reveal. A complex project made easy to use through this template. Customise an elegant video project, for all occasions. Showcase 100 photos to reveal a special image of someone for their birthday, wedding, anniversary, Xmas, Easter, special occasions, travel destination, product launch or for your company conference. Drag and drop in your photos, adjust the position of each to your liking, add audio, then hit render! Some bonus texture images have been included if you’d like to use it as the background.

Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon

A beautiful display of your images gently swaying on branches of a birch tree on a sunny afternoon. Suitable for any occasion, it includes 3 versions depending on how many images you wish to display.

Photo Motion Pro – Professional 3D Photo Animator

This incredible After Effects project file can quickly and cleverly manipulate static images and photos to give them life, movement, and magic! Create stunning videos from your images using only basic After Effects knowledge.

Black Classic 3D Logo

 Create a subtle and appealing ambient occlusion 3D look with reflections in After Effects. The file is very easy to change, just replace the logo and render. You can also type text in After Effects to use with the 3D effect!


Logo Intro Elegance Flare

Add a bright and upbeat logo reveal to your project.

140 Flash FX Elements

This epic animation pack includes 20 Smoke Explosions, 20 Electrical Discharges, 20 Basic Shapes, 20 Flames Shapes, 20 Energy Elements, 20 Sharp Lines, 20 Transitions, 12 Templates, 2 Tutorials, and 140 mov files with alpha. A must see!

Video Thumbnail

Pixity Land | Character Explainer Toolkit

Very cool and clean project to create a great animated explainer for your start-up or company. This package comes with more than 500 unique elements that you can place them everywhere, changing the colors and make your animated explainer. 

Man in office on blue background

Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit 

With The Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit you can zoom in on anywhere on Earth and work on topnotch graphics and visual elements. It’s the ultimate all-in-one solution for all your broadcasting, game development, documentary, corporate identity or whatever-you-can-think-of needs. The comprehensive library of unique features enables you to change anything you want, add an immense amount of markers and graphics and customize every single piece according to your needs.

500 Animated Icons

The Animated Icons project is a consistent set of flat icons designed to give life to any project it is added to. The design was guided by perfectionism and precision for maximum user satisfaction.

Each icon has its own custom build up animation and then it loops infinitely. Simply drag & drop the chosen icons into your project, set your colors and (optional) shadow by a few clicks and you are done! There is a general color scheme applied to all icons, but you can make exceptions and set specific colors for each icon. All icons include sound effects.

Logo 3D Levels

A simple, but very useful, 3D logo template. Perfect for sports teams!

Animated glossy logo

Kinetic Typography Pack

A fully-modular template to create unique typography. Ideal for corporate, promotion , social identity, presentation, and typography opener

creative typography examples

Multi Video & Multi Text Logo Formation

This is an unique and useful logo formation in two versions for your text and images, giving an edge to display your product line, achievement, news id, sports title, fashion work.

210 Title Animations

220 ready-made title animations: something useful for every project.

Particle Reveal

Logo animation revealing your corporate or personal brand with three different styles to choose from.

particle logo reveal example

Colorful Particles Logo Reveal II

Logo reveal template with beautiful and elegant colors particles, suitable for websites, presentations, promotions.

Tablet Commercial

This template is great for developers. Version 3 also includes four new mockups.

Whiteboard Kit – Make Your Own Story

Animation kit comes with 35 pre-animated scenes. Adapt to your needs, or build your own. From the talented Mister Horse.

Lower Thirds

50 unique lower thirds and two logo animations.

Quantum HUD Infographic

Take hitech heads-up displays to a new level with Quantum – Modular HUD Infographic Package: modern, professional and stylish HUD and infographics elements. Useful elements for making sci-fi displays and mysterious intros, previewing games, tracking and match moving videos and more. In this package we have both complex HUD and data infographics and modular HUDs. You can combine them to make your own display elements.

Quantum HUD Infographic
Quantum HUD Infographic

30 Simple Titles

Like it says on the tin! Nice simple titles.

Album Memories

On old paper sheets you can hardly see shapes and silhouettes that are so familiar to you, just as we keep past events in our memory. Then pictures appear. They come to the surface just as events of our past life emerge in our memory. Album Memories will help you to experience the warmest feelings again and to keep pictures that are dear to your heart in video format.

Photo Animator

The incredible, original photo animation template that launched a thousand videos! As many of us often do, we get into the situation that we need to implement photos into a video (documentary, image film, reportage,... you name it) The easy way of doing this is to simply zoom into the photo or pan over it. If you want to give your photos more “life” you begin to draw masks and animate single parts of the photo to give the illusion of some camera movement. This can be very time consuming. Use Photo Animator instead!

Video Thumbnail

Neon Sign Kit

Neon Sign Kit features everything you need to create realistic, 3D neon signs directly from After Effects. A simple yet powerful set up that’s perfect for creating neons with your text, logos and image, no plugins required. Take your scenes even further with all of the built-in extra features, including the ability to make a 3D sign, put your neon between panes of glass, place it on an editable truss system, or mount it to a wall. Created with simplicity in mind, all neons are seamlessly animated using one simple slider—a powerful setup to create amazing results with minimal work.

A neon sign that spells NEON Sign Kit

Infographics 3D Map Kit

Infographics Map Kit is designed for easy creation of nice-looking presentations.
It will save a lot of time for professionals and quite accessible to the beginner video producers.

TypoKing | Title Animation & Kinetic Typography Text

Typoking is the a complete and innovative template. Comes with 14 high-quality categories including popular and trendy titles like: Kinetic Typography, Minimal Titles, Broadcasting and more.

Lower Thirds

Sharp and linear lower-thirds pack.

Elegant Extrusion

Just drop in your logo and render! If you’d like to customize the animation further, simply tweak some of the camera moves or re-time some of the animations, and you can turn this project into something completely different in a matter of minutes. Included with the project file is a in-depth video tutorial to help you customize the project quickly and easily. See also: Elegant Inversion.

Flip Characters

This is a simple and super versatile template to write text or numbers, to build counters or a clock from flipping characters. Sound effect included in the project file.

Photo Frames

Display your photos, thoughts, ideas and personality through an elegant and dynamic HD presentation. This stylish project, with pre-made designs, is ready for you to fill with your images, and make it your own. Combine your photos and videos with powerful text, and choose the perfect musical bed to enhance your message. Transitions keep your presentation flowing seamlessly, while your words and music add depth and direction.

Photo frames slideshow animation photograph depicting New York City

SEO: Corporate Typography Pack

Very cool and clean typography project. This package comes with 27 scenes, including social, internet, infographic, and corporate animations.


More After Effects Templates

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