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Top 3 Video LUTs (Apply Look Presets and Picture Styles Fast)

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LUTs are versatile presets used by popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. When applied, they instantly transform the look and feel of any clip. They also help you save time and effort by removing the need for advanced edits. This Top 3 feature focuses on some of the best video LUTs available on Envato Elements.

LUTS to modify video footageLUTS to modify video footageLUTS to modify video footage
Transform your video footage with LUTs like those included in Urban Desaturated.

These Video LUTs, along with countless others, are available today from Envato Elements. Elements is a subscription for creatives, offering unlimited downloads of digital assets for a flat monthly fee. You’ll gain access to video presets, audio, photos, fonts, templates, and more. Each item is designed by professionals, giving you the style you need to match your vision.

Note: These assets are labeled as Lightroom presets, but include LUT versions that are ready to use in most video editing software.

1. Urban Desaturated LUTs

This powerful pack offers 24 moody effects in a single download. In a flash, you can apply a dark matte finish to any video. In addition, Lightroom presets are included for each effect, allowing you to edit still photos as well.

Urban Desaturated LutsUrban Desaturated LutsUrban Desaturated Luts

2. Night Magic LUTs

Night videography is truly an art form, but it isn’t something you have to master alone. By choosing from the dozens of LUTs in this download, you can improve your work courtesy of professional edits. Each one is built to make every scene look its best.

Night Magic LutsNight Magic LutsNight Magic Luts

3. 40 Traveller LUTs

Editing a travel video into the perfect clip to share online? Turn to these globally-inspired LUTs, designed to enhance any moving scene. With adjustments for light, composition, and more, you’ll find yourself frequently turning to this collection.

Traveller LUTsTraveller LUTsTraveller LUTs

More Lovely LUTs and Looks

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