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3 Perfect Picture Style and Colour Grading Presets for Premiere Pro (LUTs)


In this round-up, we'll review three of my favorite packs for adding color styles to your Premiere footage. All of these are available as a part of the flat rate subscription to Envato Elements and can transform your flat footage into an eye-catching film.

The magic of these Premiere color effects is that they help you generate ideas for your footage. Try them out easily and your film may take an entirely new direction.

Note: these assets are labelled by the authors as "Lightroom presets", but they also include LUT versions that are ready to use in Adobe Premiere.

1. Rogue - Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Inspired by the movie Blade Runner 2049, these color presets don't exactly go for neutrality or balance in their look and feel. Instead, they will create an unforgettable feel for your footage across nine different styles.

  • Who it's for: anyone who wants to add a moody look and feel using color to their footage
  • Why we love it: the great variety of moody color settings
Rogue Lightroom Presets

2. Night Magic - 43 Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Night footage sometimes needs a bit of help to capture the mood of an evening. Often times, your after-hours footage comes out underexposed and waashed-out, instead of capturing the energy and unpredictability of the twilight. Try out all of these 43 styles to bring back the energy of the night.

Night Magic

3. Orange Teal Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Perfect for travellers and outdoor shooters, Orange and Teal sets up a complementary palette for your footage. Try these out to add warmth and deep blue hues simultaneously. 

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