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10 Top Cartoon Animation Elements and Templates for After Effects

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Cartoon animation effects are a terrific way to enhance your videos. If you're looking for just the right animation elements to your next project, today we'll share ten top cartoon animation effects templates for After Effects available at Envato Elements. Plus, a video tutorial on how to create cartoon lightning from one of the templates.

Top Cartoon Animation Effects for After Effects

When you need premium animation resources, head to Envato Elements, where can download as many animation templates and design elements as you want, as often as you want, for one flat monthly fee.

Top Cartoon Animation Effects for After EffectsTop Cartoon Animation Effects for After EffectsTop Cartoon Animation Effects for After Effects

What’s more, that monthly fee also allows you to access thousands of premium digital assets like logos, graphic templates, mock-ups, photos, audio and music, business card templates, and much more. Let's take a look at some of the best cartoon animation effects templates for Adobe After Effects available with Envato Elements.

Flash Fx Element Pack V01

This phenomenal pack of cartoon animation effects for After Effects is possibly the only collection of animations you'll ever need. It comes with a jaw-dropping set of water, electrical, smoke and fire effects, as well as an amazing set of transitions.

Cartoon Transitions

Cartoon Transitions offers eight gorgeous animated transition effects to increase your project's visual interest. Just drag and drop your chosen effects where you need them in your video. The package also comes with bonus animated social media icons to sweeten the deal.

Liquid FX Animation Pack

How about this stunning Liquid FX Animation Pack with over 300 animated elements you can use to build cool and colourful effects for your video. Just drag and drop your selected animation and start building anything you want. It's fun and easy.

Flash FX Lightning Elements

Bring a touch of the magical to your next project when you use this spellbinding collection of animation effects. Bewitching your audience has never been so quick.

Flash FX Lightning ElementsFlash FX Lightning ElementsFlash FX Lightning Elements

ToonsTool (FX Kit)

ToonsTool FX Kit offers over 400 stunning cartoon effects, transitions, and motion elements. Whether you use the energy explosions, smoke, liquid, slashes, or one of the other cool effects, your audience will be dazzled.

ToonsTool (FX Kit)ToonsTool (FX Kit)ToonsTool (FX Kit)

Flash FX Elements | After Effects

If you're out there recording the cool things you do, don't let the production side of your video let you down. Check out this collection of animation effects and experiment to find the right one that will complement and highlight the actions in your videos in just the way they deserve.

Flash FX Elements | After EffectsFlash FX Elements | After EffectsFlash FX Elements | After Effects

Cartoon Opener | After Effects

Cartoon Opener for After Effects offers a ton of delightful effects with bright colours and fabulous shapes that add a fun and playful quality to your intro.

Cartoon Opener | After EffectsCartoon Opener | After EffectsCartoon Opener | After Effects

Toons Tool 2 (FX Kit)

This huge Cartoon FX motion graphics kit is just what you need to take your videos from 'meh' to 'WOW'. The collection contains hundreds of different effects, from drops to explosions, splashes, smoke, liquid, and more. All elements come in vector shapes, so you can easily scale any of them without loss of quality. Let the fun begin.

Hand Drawn Typo Kit

These hand-drawn typography animations are just want you need when you want to add text to your videos. The kit offers a seemingly endless selection of shapes, colours, and text styles that you can customise quickly and easily to suit your needs.

Hand Drawn Typo KitHand Drawn Typo KitHand Drawn Typo Kit

Liquid Flash FX Logo

Create unforgettable logo reveals and more with Liquid Flash FX Logo. This glowing liquid style animation includes tons of cartoon effects and stylised strokes to help you create a vibrant and colourful intro for your logo. It's easy to customise working directly in After Effects.

Liquid Flash FX LogoLiquid Flash FX LogoLiquid Flash FX Logo

Learn How to Create Cartoon Lightning

In this video tutorial, Jonathan shows how to create animated lightning and electricity using Flash FX Lighting Elements for After Effects.

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