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3 Top Hotel and Hospitality Promo Video Templates for After Effects

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Aattracting guests to your hotel needs successful promotion, and videos are a great way to do it. You might not have the time to make one from scratch, though; With templates you can simply drop in your own content and have a professional production in moments.

Top Video Templates to Promote Hotels

Let’s explore three top hotel and hospitality themed video templates. Each of these (and thousands more) are available now on Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download creative resource.

1. Hotel Promo

Stand out from the crowd with Hotel Promo, the perfect way to attract new guests. Plenty of room is included for all of your promotional images, and text placeholders let you share key details. All you need to do is drop in your information and go!

2. Hotel & Resort Media Showcase

Hotel & Resort Media Showcase is a designer-grade promo reel featuring sleek animations and fullscreen imagery. It’s a surefire way to boost bookings—be sure to pair it with a great musical score (also included with Elements) to complete the effect.

3. Hotel Services—Flat Animated Icons

This animated icon pack lets you highlight the services and amenities you have to offer. Perfect for promos and guest videos alike, it’s a fun way to add style to your marketing. It’s easy to use and versatile enough to match any branding.

The Perfect Choice for Video Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

Running a marketing campaign is hard work—but building stunning videos doesn’t have to be. With templates like these, the process of video production becomes effortless. 

At Envato Elements, you’ll unlock unlimited downloads of creative templates—all for a low monthly rate. This includes all of the templates you saw above.

Envato Elements video templatesEnvato Elements video templatesEnvato Elements video templates
One subscription gives you unlimited templates to continually market your hospitality brand.

Try as many as you want. After all, unlimited downloads mean no limits to your creativity!

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