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10 Top Menu Slideshows and Display Video Templates for Food Businesses (After Effects)

Menus and leaflets are great, but they can lack excitement and engagement. Why not try a slideshow presentation for your catering, restaurant or hospitality business instead?

Here are three quick tips for when you're putting together your slideshow:

  • When photographing or filming your food, remember to keep surfaces clean and clutter free.
  • Shoot your content from different angles so all your food doesn't look 'samey', and be sure to read up on which compositions will work best for you.
  • Not too bright, not too soft—get the lighting right for your food imagery.

10 Top Slideshow Templates for Food and Hospitality

These slideshow templates for Adobe After Effects, are available on Envato Elements, where you can make use of as many as you like for a monthly subscription.

1. Food Slideshow

Add mouth-watering images of food, along with information and prices, with this tasteful video slideshow for After Effects.

Food SlideshowFood SlideshowFood Slideshow
Food Slideshow

2. Tasty Restaurant Promo

A minimalist template, Tasty Restaurant Promo makes use of slow, gentle movement – the perfect accompaniment to your laid-back restaurant vibe.

3. Food Deals Promo

Show off your best deals and pictures of your yummy food with this template designed for food promotions. With its fire animations and bold colours, it’s perfectly suited for venues that specialise in flame-grilled food!

Food Deals PromoFood Deals PromoFood Deals Promo
Food Deals Promo

4. Food Menu Video Display For Cafe or Restaurant

A simple slideshow template for a café or restaurant, just add your text and images to the placeholders and you’re good to go.

Food Menu Video Display For Cafe or RestaurantFood Menu Video Display For Cafe or RestaurantFood Menu Video Display For Cafe or Restaurant
Food Menu Video Display For Cafe or Restaurant

5. Restaurant Promo

In the style of a menu, Restaurant Promo is a more engaging way to show what you have to offer by including high-quality pictures of your food, including space for specials and extras that might not always be on the regular menu.

Restaurant PromoRestaurant PromoRestaurant Promo
Restaurant Promo

6. Food Slideshow

This is a really versatile food slideshow; try it as a display in restaurants and cages, or as part of your food blog, TV show or YouTube channel.

7. Food Broadcast Package

A simple and elegant video template for Adobe After Effects, you can easily display your food, recipes, menus or cooking show.

Food Broadcast PackageFood Broadcast PackageFood Broadcast Package
Food Broadcast Package

8. Favorite Restaurant Display

This template makes use of a fun, circular design that you can use as an intro or opener to your display. There’s room to add menus, images and much more in this slideshow.

Favorite Restaurant DisplayFavorite Restaurant DisplayFavorite Restaurant Display
Favorite Restaurant Display

9. Restaurant Display | After Effects Template

With cute, hand-drawn icons and note-pad style writing, this food slideshow video template is great for a high-quality but relaxed and informal venue.

10. Restaurant Menu

With a modular structure and full colour control, Restaurant Menu is easy to use and adjust to suit all your food needs! You won’t need any plugins to use this, either.

Restaurant MenuRestaurant MenuRestaurant Menu
Restaurant Menu

More Food and Slideshow Helpers

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