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15 Top Instagram Marketing Video After Effects Templates for Local Business

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If you want to grow your small business, you have to be consistent and efficient with your marketing; You can't break the bank by constantly hiring a marketer.

Many bootstrapped businesses use Instagram to grow. A great Instagram Story feed with eye-catching videos builds word-of-mouth. With the help of these templates, you can create promotional videos for your business that are ready for Instagram. Simply add your assets and specifics and you're ready to share.

20 Modern Instagram Stories

This Instagram template pack is perfect for all kinds of marketing.

Key Features

20 animated Instagram Stories in a modern style. The pack also includes 15 animated brushes, 16 transitions, and 11 animated grunge textures. Everything is editable and the download comes with a PDF to help you get started.

Supported Program(s): After Effects CS5.5+
Requirements: None
Author: Nullifier

Download and Try 

With a subscription to Envato Elements, you get unlimited After Effects templates, video, audio, images, graphics, and more.

20 Modern Instagram Stories template is available to download from Envato Elements.

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15 Top Instagram Video Templates for Small Business and Shops (After Effects)

These templates are from Envato Elements, an all-you-can-download service for creatives that helps you keep costs low while creating professional videos. There are hundreds of choices, but here are 15 of our favorite After Effects templates for small businesses in 2020.

1. Instagram and Social Promotion

This is a massive bundle that can help you promote your local business on Instagram. The 45 multipurpose After Effects templates render quickly and are easy to use. Add text, drag and drop your images and videos, and you're all set!

2. Real Estate Instagram Stories

You'd be surprised how many homebuyers look to social media for help. If you're an independent agent or broker, try out Real Estate Instagram Stories templates. You can share properties and your contact information with social media ready videos.

3. Foodz Instagram Stories

Whether you run a restaurant or local food delivery service, Instagram can be a powerful tool. Foodz has 50 Instagram Stories that can boost your business. Edit the text and images and you're on your way. Make sure you link to your menu or app download page!

4. Business Instagram Stories

Attention spans are short, so you have to make that key first impression in a hurry. Luckily, the aptly-named Business Instagram Stories template is here to help you do just that with 50 story templates.

5. Instagram Stories—Business

Your own content drives any successful Instagram post. But by using a premium template, you can elevate your style and ensure those crucial engagements. This one has a collection of flexible features, such as:

  • Custom color options
  • Unique and stylish illustrations
  • Category layouts
  • Icon kits for any type of content

6. Instagram Stories with Multi Image Grid

Perfect for any business, this powerful imagery pack is purpose-built to help promote your products, places, and services. Whether selling property, offering cosmetic services, or promoting a retail store, you can style your promo imagery specifically for your Instagram audience. In total, eight easy drag-and-drop story themes are included.

7. Nails Instagram Stories

Nail salons—they’re seemingly everywhere, so the trick is to stand out. Want to do just that in a way that’s quick, easy, and fun? No need to look past this designer story template, tailored just for nail salons like yours.

8. Infograph—Corporate Presentation

Searching for a powerful, yet flexible corporate template to adapt your content for Instagram? A prime example can be found here in the Infograph—Corporate Presentation template. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Fun, creative styling
  • Infographic and promotional designs
  • Shape and color options
  • Flexible animated layouts

9. Instagram Stories

With professional layouts and styles, you can instantly upgrade your content to rival the world’s biggest brands, and with a template like Instagram Stories, it’s truly incredibly easy: explore promos, intros, invitations, slideshows, and more. With 30 different choices, select one you like and then customize it to exactly fit your needs.

10. Instagramer

A big part of sharing your business on Instagram is meeting the goal of audience engagement. Meant specifically to drive followbacks, Instagramer is a sleek overlay you can apply to any video. It calls on your audience to engage with your profile, without being annoying, or overpowering your content.

11. Instagram Promo

You might have the most engaging Instagram profile imaginable, but unless you’re drawing in an audience, how is it really helping your business? Solve that problem in seconds, with Instagram Promo, a stylish way to boost your traffic. It has:

  • 1080p resolution ideal for any display
  • Pre-built animations
  • Text and image placeholders
  • A video tutorial included

12. Own the Night Instagram Version

Any Instagram story can be made better with a splash of color and text. Ideal for intros and promotional clips alike, these easy-to-use layouts can be applied to your own work in seconds. You gain the best of both worlds: the unmatched engagement of mobile, paired perfectly with the powerful design toolbox inside After Effects.

13. Stylish Broadcast Pack

Stylish Broadcast Pack is great for your next business Instagram video for two simple reasons: it delivers incredible style, and it looks spectacular on screens of all sizes. With bold contrasts, stylish text, and sleek graphics, the pack instantly transforms mundane images and footage into a dynamic broadcast. It delivers a flat, modern look that never goes out of style.

14. Instashop Instagram Stories

Use the Instashop After Effects template to drive in-store and online business. You can promo featured items, flash sales, holiday hours, and more. Get this stylish, modern template and see how easy it is to customize it to fit your needs.

15. Fitness Instagram Stories V02

Whip your followers into shape with this fitness-themed Instagram template. Create Stories videos to support your gym or personal trainer business. You won't need any new plugins for After Effects and you can render quickly to have a social media ready video in no time. 

The Best Source for Instagram Templates for After Effects (With Unlimited Downloads)

One subscription, unlimited assets. That's the value that Envato Elements brings to the table. It's the best way to keep your costs low while you're developing a creative project.

Envato Elements Subscription BenefitsEnvato Elements Subscription BenefitsEnvato Elements Subscription Benefits
The Envato Elements digital asset library has thousands of useful items you can use for your projects.

Marketing takes consistency. You can't just make a single promo and hope that it will catapult your business to permanent success. With the help of a library like Elements, you can continuously create new videos for a flat cost.

With the help of Envato Elements, you can source stock photos, video templates, footage and more! It's the best value for a busy business owner.

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