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What Photographers Need to Know About Light: Transmission

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Without light, there is no photography. Having a solid understanding of how light works will help you to create better images every time.

So in this video tutorial from my course A Photographer's Guide to Light, you will learn the basics of light transmission. You'll learn a bit of the science behind it, and then we'll look at some practical examples of how it affects your photography, such as using color filters, understanding how light is transmitted through glass, and more.

Light transmission through a prismLight transmission through a prismLight transmission through a prism

Watch the Full Course

The full course, A Photographer's Guide to Light, continues where this video left off and takes you through other aspects of light that photographers need to understand.

You'll learn about visible light and the electromagnetic spectrum. You will learn about the three most important qualities of light for photographers: brightness, color, and contrast. Then you will learn about how light is absorbed and reflected, and we'll demonstrate the three types of reflection: diffuse, direct, and polarized.

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