100 More Free Presets for Lightroom


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Building a Film Style Look in Lightroom
Work Faster in Photoshop and Lightroom With Batch Processing

    We all love our presets. Here are another 100 more free presets for Lightroom from across the web. This set is heavy on vintage, HDR, and classic film looks. Load these into Lightroom 4 or 5 for one click editing effects.

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    Presets Galore - Blue Pastel

    1 blue pastel

    Miracle Design - Movie Scene

    2 movie scene

    Preset Pond - Dust Finder

    3 dust finder

    Film Fanatic

    4 film fanatic

    Dream Scene

    5 dream scene

    Soft Rose Preset

    6 soft rose

    The Prairie Preset

    7 the prairie preset

    Something's Brewing - Speakeasy

    8 speakeasy

    Something's Brewing - Silhouette

    9 silhouette

    Matt Kloskowski - The Ultimate Fighter

    10 the ultimate fighter

    Deviant Art - Clean Vintage Lightroom Preset

    11 clean vintage

    Deviant Art - Breezy Lightroom Preset

    12 breezy preset

    CoffeeShop Preset

    13 coffee shop

    Delicious Presets - Delicious Freebies

    14 portra

    First Birthday Preset

    15 crackers and carrots

    F Stop Spot - Instagram Presets

    16 instagram look

    F Stop Spot - Polaroid Presets

    17 polaroid

    F Stop Spot - Grungy Urban Portraits

    18 urban

    F Stop Spot - Technicolor Preset

    19 technicolor

    Lightroom Border Preset

    20 borders

    Matt Kloskowski - Sunflare Glow Preset

    21 sunflare

    Presets Galore - Pinhole Preset

    22 pinhole

    Presets Galore - Sharpening Presets

    23 sharpen

    Nicole S Young - Summertime Preset

    24 summertime

    HQ Lightroom Presets - Ice Tea

    25 ice tea

    Grey and Sharp

    26 grey sharp

    Sugar Haze

    27 sugar

    Awesomesauce Preset

    28 awesomesauce

    Free Your Mind Presets

    29 free your mind

    Wonderland Presets

    30 wonderland

    Digital Photo Buzz Presets

    31 digital photo buzz

    Black and White Tonal Contrast

    32 black white tonal contrast

    Golden Shadows Preset

    33 golden shadows

    Jane Austen Collection

    34 alex preset

    Seim Effects - Color Fantasies 2

    35 seim effectscolorfant

    Jean Michel LeClerq - HDMetal

    36 hdmetal

    Alternative Presets - Free Lomo Preset

    37 alternative presets free lomo

    David Kingham - Night Presets

    38 nght presets

    Studio OMG - Brake the sun

    39 brake the sun

    Studio OMG - Memories of a Warm Morning

    40 memories of a warm morning

    Preset Pond - Rollercoaster Report

    41 rollercoaster report

    Presets Heaven - 231 of 365

    42 p365 231

    Lightroom Killer Tips - Tonal Contrast Effect

    43 tonal contrast

    Lightroom Killer Tips - Black & White HDR Presets for Landscapes

    44 bw hdr

    Lightroom Killer Tips - Wedding Day

    45 wedding day

    Deviant Art - Freebie Fly

    46 freebie fly

    Preset Heaven - 229 of 365

    47 p

    Free Springtime Preset

    48 april bliss

    Viaina Preset

    49 viaina preset

    Sceptic Tones

    50 sceptic tones

    Fundamentals Preset System

    51 fundamentals preset system

    Sweet Wedding Lightroom Preset

    52 sweet wedding presets

    Spot Removal

    57 sky spot

    Kodachrome Preset

    54 kodachrome

    Redtake Photography - Mocha Vintage

    55 mocha

    Freepresets - 2 Free Hollywood Prestes

    56 hollywood

    Lightroom Killer Tips - Wedding Fairytale Glow

    57 wedding fairytale

    Matt's Spot Remover Preset

    57 sky spot

    Eric Kim - Lightroom Street Photography Presets

    58 eric kim street photography

    Redtake Photography - Gotham B&W

    59 gotham bw

    Deviantart - Miya Pack

    60 miya preset

    Morning Blue Preset

    61 morning blue preset

    Cross Processed Vintage

    62 yellow and purple vintage grunge

    Presets Galore - Dark and Sharp


    Warm Sunlight

    64 warm glow

    Steller Photo - 3 presets

    65 steller green gold

    Presets Galore - The Dandy Thugs

    66 the dandy thugs

    Lobster Trap

    67 lobster trap

    Lightroom Love - Anselle Preset

    68 anselle

    Something's Brewing - Joshua Tree Preset

    69 joshua tree

    Something's Brewing - Vintage Rajasthan

    70 vintage rajasthan

    FlixelPix's Dramatic Presets

    71 fixelplix

    Pretty Presets - Sharpening Presets

    72 sharpening

    Photography Concentrate - Nautical Presetss

    73 nautical

    Albert De Brujin - Free Presets

    74 adb landscape

    Sunny Delight

    75 sunny delight

    Monica Olson - Backlit Princess

    76 backlit princess

    Vintage Love Preset

    77 vintage love

    Lightroom Vintage Presets

    78 vintage

    Presets Heaven - Old Retro Look

    79 retro

    Autochrome Lumiere

    80 autochrome

    Preset Heaven - 226 of 365

    81 p226

    MCP Mini Enlighten Presets

    82 mcp

    Lightroom Killer Tips - HDR Presets

    83 hdr

    Presets Heaven

    84 p213

    OnOne Signature Collection

    85 onone

    Magazine Model Inspired Preset

    86 magazine model inspired

    Free Lightroom 5 HDR Presets

    87 punchy hdr

    Free Lightroom Afternoon HDR

    88 afternoon hdr

    Presets Heaven - 104 of 365

    89 104
    89 instagram look

    Autumn Love Preset

    90 champagne rose

    Perfect Detail Preset

    91 perfect detail

    ND Filter Develop Preset

    92 nd filter

    Dragan Style Preset

    93 dragan

    Warming Vignette Preset

    94 warm vignette

    Vintage Pack

    95 vintage pack

    Purple Pastel Pack

    96 purple pastel

    Mars Expedition Preset

    97 mars expedition

    Zombify Preset

    98 zombie

    Cute Preset

    99 still life