• Shooting
    Diving In: How To Get Started With Underwater PhotographyPreview2
    Underwater photography is a fun but challenging area of photography. In this tutorial I look at how to get started with it and how to overcome some of the unique issues you will face.Read More…
  • Night Photography
    Exposure Explained: ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture for Night PhotographyPreview
    ISO, shutter speed and aperture not only allow you to control exposure but also afford you a degree of creativity in crafting your images. To learn more about the fundamental principles behind exposure control and how they apply to night photography, read on.Read More…
  • Photography
    Pics or It Didn't Happen! Making Memory and Meaning in the Age of OverloadPicsoritdidnthappen preview
    Today, stories, claims, accomplishments, or experiences are not valid unless accompanied by a picture. The result is not that we have better records of events but that we feed our scepticism, distort our perceptions, and cheat our memories. This article examines that “pics or it didn’t happen” culture.Read More…
  • Street
    How to Photograph With Awareness and Sensitivity on the StreetPreview stephanie
    The street photographer’s subject matter is reality—actual people and places. Here are the most essential things to consider and be aware of as you venture forth with your camera into the general public’s hearts and minds.Read More…
  • Portrait
    The Ideal Studio Lighting Setup for Headshot PhotographyHeadshot photography
    Sometimes shooting with natural light is not an option, or maybe you want a lighting setup that doesn’t change with the time of day and the weather. If that’s the case then you will need to create artificial light. In this short video tutorial, you'll learn how to create a mobile studio that you can use to get great headshots.Read More…
  • Portrait
    New Course: Headshot PhotographyHeadshot photography
    Headshot Photography is a great way to get started as a people photographer. In this course you will learn how to find clients, take great photos of them and deliver amazing product to them. Whether you want to photograph actors, CEOs, or just regular people who need a profile photo, this course will lay out the knowledge and skills you will need to be successful as a headshot photographer.Read More…
  • HDR
    Busted! 7 Myths About High Dynamic Range PhotographyBen lucas hdr aman anuraj preview
    High Dynamic Range photography gets a lot of hate on the internet, particularly from other photographers. In this article, we're going to bust the most popular myths and misconceptions about HDR.Read More…
  • Business
    When and How to Volunteer Your Time as a Photographer or VideographerCharity volunteer
    As photographers or videographers, we can often be asked to give our time and expertise for free. Ultimately of course, the decision is yours, but hopefully this article will help you make that decision in an informed, confident way.Read More…
  • Assisting
    VAL: Voice-Activated Lightstands to the Rescue!Tuts val preview
    Voice-Activated Lightstands are invaluable photography assistants who bring humour as well as equipment on set.Read More…
  • Night Photography
    How to Photograph an EclipsePhotographing eclipse
    This week there's an eclipse visible from the UK and Ireland and I plan to photograph it. Here's how you can too!Read More…
  • Night Photography
    Observation, Visualisation and Composition for Night PhotographyPreview
    We all see the world with a unique perspective. The art of photography allows us to share this window on our world and connect the viewer to an idea, a story or an emotion. Observation, visualisation and composition are an essential part of forging that connection and lie at the heart of good image creation. Identifying potential subjects and key aspects within a scene and pre-visualising the most effective way to compose a photograph and present this personal interpretation of our own experiences is a core skill you will need to consciously develop if you are to master the art of painting with light.Read More…
  • Focus
    Back-Button Focusing: How to Use Full Auto and Full Manual Controls at the Same TimePreview
    With most cameras, you depress the shutter button half way to focus and then to actually take the picture the button is pressed the entire way. With back button focusing, you use a button at the back of your camera to control the focus, taking it control away from the shutter button entirely.Read More…
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