Master the fundamentals of photography, including exposure, composition, and working with light to capture great images.

All Photographing courses:

  1. Design Fundamentals for Photographers

    Design Fundamentals for Photographers

    Course Beginner

    What do photography and graphic design have in common? Quite a bit, actually! They are both visual artistic media. If you are a photographer and you’ve never...

  2. Headshot Photography

    Headshot Photography

    Course Intermediate

    Headshot Photography is a great way to get started as a people photographer. In this course you will learn how to find clients, take great photos of them and...

  3. Advanced Depth of Field and Exposure

    Advanced Depth of Field and Exposure

    Course Advanced

    As a casual photographer, a basic understanding of important photography principles is generally all that's needed to yield pleasing results. However,...

  4. Introduction to DSLR Photography

    Introduction to DSLR Photography

    Course Beginner

    Got a new DSLR camera and not sure what to do with it? Get yourself off auto mode and stop being a “green square”! In Introduction to DSLR Photography,...