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10 Top Cartoon Templates and Animation Elements for Final Cut Pro X

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Cartoon animations are fun, bright, and friendly! With this round-up we are covering our favourite cartoon animation templates and elements for Final Cut Pro X. Most of these templates share a 2D hand-drawn style, so you can mix and match your favourites, creating a totally new experience.

Top Cartoon Animation Templates from Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

The authors on Envato Elements have produced some wonderful templates; Creating great cartoon animations using Final Cut Pro X has never been easier, even if you aren't a full-time video pro.

Envato Elements Cartoon Animated Final Cut Pro X TemplatesEnvato Elements Cartoon Animated Final Cut Pro X TemplatesEnvato Elements Cartoon Animated Final Cut Pro X Templates
There are hundreds of unique cartoon animated Final Cut Pro X templates on Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is a powerful resource that can help you save time while improving the quality of your final projects. A monthly or annual subscription gains you access to a large library of tools, like courses here on Tuts+, and a giant catalogue of video templates, stock video, and music. All these help keep your workflow moving efficiently and the quality of your work top-notch.

1. 2D Cartoon Lyric Titles

Lyric videos are a great way to easily create video content for your music without all the hassle of filming a traditional video. You can easily edit font and change text with the included controllers.

2. Cartoon Electricity and Titles

We love Cartoon Electricity and Titles! With its quirky hand-drawn style you can add a really well-made blast of energy to your videos. These elements come with alpha channel transparency, wicked sound fx, titles, and tons of ready-to-use animations.

3.  Cartoon Snow Elements

Cartoon Snow Elements reminds us of a Charlie Brown Christmas and the holidays in general. It’s fun, light, and extremely playful. Add some winter magic with these hand-drawn animations.

4. Cartoon Titles Pack

Titles, titles, titles. Cartoon Titles Pack is loaded with unique ways to express yourself. Each with lovely in-and-out animations which is a great way to make any title feel complete and professional.

Top Cartoon Templates from Envato Market (Pay-As-You-Go)

If the Elements subscription isn't to your needs, try Envato Market, where you can buy individual cartoon FCPX templates one by one.

5. Cartoon Transitions Pack

Cartoon Transitions Pack is a creatively animated template bundle full of sweet transitions. Each one moves your video from scene to scene in style. There are 24 cartoon effects to choose from in this energetically animated template pack!

6. Abstract Pack | FCPX

Are you looking for cartoon elements to add to your latest project? This download has features abstract cartoon graphics that are easy to customize and use. They're perfect for transitions or adding some flair to your videos.

7. Viscous Transitions // Final Cut Pro

Viscous Transitions is a fantastic collection of uniquely designed liquid cartoon elements. There are 16 distinct transitions in this bundle you can choose from. Each one has its own color controller, so you can customize the final look to suit the tone of your video.

8. Splash FX Pack | FCPX

Here's another pack of cool animated cartoon elements for Final Cut Pro X. There are 12 cartoon splash effects included in this download, and each one is hand-drawn. With full-color control and an included help file, you'll have no problem working with the Splash FX Pack.

9. Bubbles Pack | FCPX

Who doesn't love cartoonish bubbles? This Final Cut Pro X animation download pack gives you ten to work with in your videos. Try them for transitions, titles, and on-screen elements. Check out the preview video below to see how they could work.

10. Stylish Colorful Transitions | FCPX

Before we transition out of this list, check out these Stylish Colorful Transitions. You'll be able to set a fun, energetic tone with one of the included cartoon animation effects. If you're new to Final Cut Pro, the included help file will show you how to apply these cool transitions.

Helpful Tips on How to Use Templates

Here are some of our top tips for using templates:

  1. Templates are great as a starting point, but make sure to play around and tweak parameters to suit your project, creating something new that's fresh and exciting.
  2. Start with templates that don't require plug-ins. You'll find that with small steps you'll be getting the hang of it.
  3. Many template downloads come with a tutorial. It's fun to jump in head first and figure things out on your own, but ultimately these tutorials will save you time.
  4. If you're using many different templates across different projects, remember to be organized and keep them in relevant, well-labelled folders.
  5. Before jumping in to your project, try playing around with the template. Make a no-pressure test project to learn the ins and outs of the template before you have to produce your final project.

Have fun building new projects using these wonderfully built templates and building up your existing NLE tool-kit.

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Envato Elements: Unlimited Downloads

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