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10 Top Looping Backgrounds for Videos and Displays

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Looping video backgrounds are short pieces of footage that can repeat seamlessly. They usually involve a series of patterns or something with relatively little movement that can be used as a pleasing background.

While you might have noticed looping backgrounds being used on websites, though this can be impractical, they’re more likely playing a formative but subtle role in short videos. If you’re creating a presentation, a blog video, tutorial or more, they can be really useful for adding interest and movement. Imagine you’re preparing a corporate presentation and it’s a little dry… adding a background that creates movement but doesn’t distract from the message can make the whole production more engaging.

You might want to green-screen interviews, or have news reporters green-screened against a background a map, for instance, or something related to what they’re talking about – a looping video works really well for this.

There are tons of looping video background options over at Envato Elements, and you can download and keep as many of them as you like with a subscription. Here are ten of our favourites.

10 Top Looping Video Backgrounds

1. Swirl Of Water Vortex Loop Background

Mesmerise your viewer with this swirling water vortex looping background.

2. Pixel Art Background

With a combination of victory hand, heart, star, lightening and dot icons, Pixel Art is a cute and enjoyable background; a real statement of fun!

3. Space Nebulae Flight Looped Background

Move slowly through a stunning nebula in this video – perfect for science or science fiction related projects.

4. Golden Strings Particles Loop Background

A swirl of gorgeous golden strings fading out to bokeh is the feature of this looping background.

5. 3D Abstract Wireframe Lines Looping Background

If you like the pipework Microsoft screensaver of old, this will definitely feel familiar – 3D grid lines move at right angles while a bright ray of sunshine bursts through in the bottom right of the frame.

6. Loop Moving Gears Background

A unique concept, this looping background involves a variety of revolving gears, which would suit tech blogs, videos around mechanics or industry and much more.

7. Sports Background Seamless Loop

Sports fans will enjoy this classy, revolving ball which blends from soccer to basketball seamlessly.

8. Light Wall 1 - Fashion

Strike a pose with the light wall, perfect for fashion videos, dance and music videos and even corporate presentations that require a bit of sparkle.

9. Abstract Tech Loop Background

For projects where nothing seems to fit, why not try an abstract looping background?

10. News World Map Background Loop

Great for broadcast, business, or even sci-fi, the News World Map Background Loop is versatile and nicely detailed.

More Great Templates for Video

Explore the wide selection of royalty-free video loops over at Mixkit, or try one of these articles to find even more video templates and resources:

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