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10 Top After Effects Video Templates With Neon Design

With programmes like Bates Motel and Stranger Things popularising the retro-throwback look, why not add brightly coloured elements to your own videos? In this roundup, we feature ten video templates for After Effects with neon effects styles.

First, here are a few of our top tips when trying out neon effects:

  • Use just one or two colours for the best results
  • White backgrounds will drown out your neon effect; try something dark like a brick wall!
  • Use SFX sparingly—If you’re trying neon, best to avoid any other style-heavy effects

These ten neon templates for Adobe After Effects are from Envato Elements, where you can download as many as you like for one monthly subscription.

1. Neon Logo

Show off your brand in style with this awesome logo reveal. Lighting strikes a neon version of your logo as it flickers to life. You won’t need any plugins to be able to use this.

Neon LogoNeon LogoNeon Logo
Neon Logo

2. Neon

Add up to ten wire connections with this neon logo reveal template. Your logo lights up in retro, neon style, complete with flicker!

3. Neon Light Party

Perfect for advertising an up-tempo, high-energy event, this neon template comes with flashing elements as well as traditional neon text placeholders.

Neon Light PartyNeon Light PartyNeon Light Party
Neon Light Party

4. Neon Billboard Logo Revealer

Sweep around a metal frame billboard before revealing your logo as a large, neon advertisement!

Neon Billboard Logo RevealerNeon Billboard Logo RevealerNeon Billboard Logo Revealer
Neon Billboard Logo Revealer

5. Neon Walls

Something a little different, Neon Walls for After Effects makes use of a neon effect as a frame and background for your visuals, rather than as text. The template is well organised and easy to customise.

6. Neon

This animated typeface with a neon effect, is softer than some, making it a slightly modern downtempo twist on a retro classic.


7. Neon Lights Badges

Try this cool neon badge creator, with eight different versions and placeholders for both logo and text. You can change the colours in just one click and there’s help available from the author if you need it.

Neon Lights BadgesNeon Lights BadgesNeon Lights Badges
Neon Lights Badges

8. Neon Logo | Titles

As the name suggests, this template is perfect for use as either a logo reveal, or as part of your titles. Simply convert your text or logo and then render out, with the option to stack different animations and create a title sequence.

9. Neon

At 12 seconds, this logo reveal is a quick and fun way to get into your production. You won’t need any plugins to use it, and the effect of a camera following the wire up to the neon sign is a different take on many other neon templates.


10. Neon Logo Reveal

Simply drop your logo into this template to create a neon-style sign against a brick wall background. If you don’t like the provided background options, no problem, just add your own!

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