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10 Top Video Templates With Retro-Futurist Design for After Effects

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Thirty years ago, futurists dreamed of a world of jetpacks and robot cleaners. Maybe technology has given us voice-controlled light bulbs and smart speakers instead, but it's fun to look back and see the future through the eyes of the past.

In this round-up, you'll see Adobe After Effects templates that capture the retro-futurist style beautifully. These templates make it easy to add your details like text, logos, and brand colors and keep a retro-futurist style. Let's see the best templates in action.

10 Top Retro-Futurist Design Templates for Adobe After Effects

The templates in this round-up are all from Envato Elements, the all-you-can-download service for creatives. As part of the all-encompassing license, you unlock all of the assets in the Elements library.

Envato Elements Retro FutureEnvato Elements Retro FutureEnvato Elements Retro Future
On Envato Elements, you'll find easy-to-use retro-future templates that you can easily customize in Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a professional-grade tool, but it's challenging to learn and work with. If you don't have time to master the app but want to build a your visual style, these templates are a great way to speed up your design workflow.

For a beginner's guide to Adobe After Effects, make sure to check out the introductory lessons below:

OK, let's check out ten of the best retro-future templates for Adobe After Effects in this round-up!

1. Retro Futurism & Glitch Hologram (2 in 1)

Shouldn't we all be wearing hologram visors by now? This template imagines a world exactly like that with a glitchy perspective. Add your stock imagery and watch it transformed back in time and straight to the future.

2. Retro Logo

Want to use a retro-future style for a logo intro? This project has you covered. It's easy to drop your logo image into the composition and watch it animate to life. Instantly, your logo image will take on the vaporwave style.

3. 1980's Rush Template

Not only does this template embody the retro-future style of the 1980's, it also has the scratchy VHS grain that you remember from the time. It's perfect to drop your footage into the canvas and watch it animate through the futuristic tunnel view. 

4. 4K 1980s 10 Logo Text Intro Pack

With resolution all the way up to 4K, this video project combines the vision of the future, the style of the past, and the technology of today. The logo styles strike that beautiful balance of what futuristic design seemed back in time across ten styles.

5. Retro Title

Here's another excellent retro-future After Effects template that fits perfectly in this round-up. It's another template that blends glitchiness, analog grain, and retro styles for a blast from the past. 

6. Rock Concert

The best concert productions have a way of capturing the future, and the style does just that. Bright neon colors are easy to combine with your footage and text to promote your music.

7. Retro Rider

This template pays homage to the popular arcade racing games set in the future. It won't be right for every purpose, but it is ideal for a gaming-themed video.

8. Retro Music Opener

With glitch effects and a bit of grain, this is perfect for creating mysterious hype for your next event. Use it with your logo asset to set the stage for a retro-futurustic music video production.

9. Retro Logo Reveal Pack (Pack of 3)

This is the perfect example of a retro-futuristic style, easily customizable in Adobe After Effects. There are several different styles, each of which capture the spirit of the future as once predicted. Just add your logo and you'll see it brought to life through the lens of the retro-future style.

10. Glitch Game logo

Rounding out our selections, this glitchy logo is perfect for gaming purposes. It has the exact retro feel that is perfect for your next vintage but futuristic project.

More Fun After Effects Projects

There is truly an After Effects template for every aesthetic. This selection focused on retro fashionable templates that are a flashback to the future. Try them out and customize them for easy, beautiful video projects in Adobe After Effects.

If you want to see other templates, we've got you covered. Check out these other easy-to-use templates in the roundups below:

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