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3 Top After Effects Templates for Videos With Autumn Themes

Read Time: 2 mins

Autumn is in the air for many of us, and as the leaves change colour, we’re provided with so many great photography and video opportunities. Here are three templates from Envato Elements to help you get your audience grabbing their scarves and heading off for a pumpkin spice latte!

Three Video Templates for Fall 2019

These three templates for Adobe After Effects are all from Envato Elements, meaning you can try and use as many as you like as part of a monthly subscription.

1. Happy Autumn Day—Photo Gallery

This photo gallery template is tasteful, pretty and filled with fall imagery. Simple add your photographs for a stunning, themed, slideshow suitable for social media fans, friends, family and more.

2. Autumn Sale — Promo

If you run a store, then fall is the perfect time to push a sale or promotion. Try this themed template for After effects, with colourful autumn leaves and berries.

3. Autumn Logo

The background autumnal leaves on this After Effects logo background are pre-rendered, which means you get a faster rendering time once you’ve added your own logo.

More Creative Video and Photography Ideas for Autumn

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