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3 Top Cannabis Instagram Video Templates on PlaceIt (DIY Motion Graphics)

In this post we'll help you create cannabis-themed videos with Placeit, where you can make mock-ups, logos, design templates, and animated videos right in your browser. While a template is a great thing, you might want some media that isn’t stock; we’ve added suggestions for extras to help you get the most out these templates.

Cannabis jar by LittleIvan/Twenty20

Placeit is straight-forward to use, but here’s a quick overview: There is no needed experience with Final Cut Pro or the Adobe Creative Suite, everything is done within Placeit. Simply browse the well-organized templates until you find one that speaks to you and you’ll be able to add music, photos and video. Like Tuts+, PlaceIt is owned by Envato.

Currently, users may only use music that Placeit provides—which is a large, high-quality selection—and that might not suit your needs: at the end of this article I’ll suggest a work-around and some great audio tracks from Envato Elements.

Let’s jump in!

3 Top Instagram Story Templates for Cannabis Videos

With legalization of marijuana in more and more places, stigmas associated with the plant  have lifted and cannabis habits are shifting, and new opportunities have opened up for entrepreneurs. Here are a few examples of Instagram story video templates for these new ventures:

  1. Instagram Story Video Maker for a Cannabis Themed Podcast

Podcasts are a great medium to promote healthy discussion and interesting views that you are passionate about. Try using this template to let your Instagram followers know about your new episode, guest, and the general topics covered in your upcoming publication.

  2. Instagram Story Video Template Featuring Animated Cannabis

Try using this template to promote your cooking show! New recipes, the process of making tinctures, alternative uses for hemp, as well the benefits of non-psychoactive CDB are all interesting topics you can cover. This template has a neat animated image to catch the interest of a new follower.

  3. Instagram Story Video Maker for a Weed Club

Not every state and province allows delivery of cannabis, but this templates is easily adapted to other things, for example to promote a community-based site that reviews strains, a grower's club, or compassion club would be a really great alternative use.

Extras: More Templates and Marijuana Stock Video Assets

A template that features smoking or a 420 theme might be a little too direct for you. If that’s the case, there are tons of templates that you can choose that can customized with text and media to help you create the video you need.

Instagram Story Video Maker Featuring a Minimalist Design

This template can be molded to be anything you like! Let your ideas be simple and straight-forward. With cannabis becoming more mainstream, some of the imagery used in the past can feel a bit dated, making this minimal template perfect for your needs.

Cannabis at the Sunset Background

A beautiful clip that can be cropped easily to fit your story!


Chill is a groove-based track that can easily have a voice over added. It's pleasant to the ears and a laid back vibe that suggests wellness.

About That Audio: Using Placeit With Your Own Soundtrack

To add your own audio or a song from outside the Placeit selection, you’ll want to bring the finished video into the iMovie iOS app or an android equivalent (like Filmorago). Here are some great tutorials that clearly explain how to do this. Basically, you bring the project into the mobile app and replace the audio:

IOS Tutorial

Android Tutorial

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