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Composition and Design Fundamentals for Photographers

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Welcome to the Weekly What's Up! Let's take a look at what's planned for the Envato Tuts+ Photo & Video section this week.

Envato Tuts+ Photo & Video for the Week of January 11, 2016

This Week's Featured Course

We have a new course from Kirk Nelson on Thursday, Design Fundamentals for Photographers. Kirk is a graphic designer and a regular contributor to our Design & Illustration section. This is a great course for photographers who want to improve their compositions, taught by someone who really knows how to construct an image.

The course has four sections, each about a fundamental design principle: line, shape, colour, and visual weight. Each section addresses how to use the design element for emotion, message, and composition, and includes a set of assignments to help you practice your new photography skills.


On Tuesday, Charles Yeager continues his coverage on how to use unmanned aerial vehicles for photo and video with Cinematic Drone Video in 60 Seconds.


Wednesday, Harry Guinness shows how do an Advanced Black and White Conversion with Colour Balance as part of our ongoing series of tutorials on black and white photography.


Thursday, Kirk's Design Fundamentals course publishes. Look at This! goes poolside with Marie Gardiner for a little levity after the seriousness of last week's portraits.


On Friday, Kezz Bracey's series of coffee-break courses about how to Make the Switch to Affinity Photo continues. Last week we learned about Personas, and this week it's Live Filters.

Also on Friday, Dawn shows how to tame a large body of photographs with some simple but power techniques for naming your files. This tutorial is part of our Digital Asset Management Fundamentals series and builds on several of Dawn's previous tutorials.

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