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10 Top Freelance Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

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Read Time: 5 mins

Scene situations play out scenarios with animated characters, and you can change elements of those to suit your video. In this article we’ll show you ten of our favourite After Effects animation templates featuring Freelancers from Envato Elements.

10 Top Freelance Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

Freelance — Scene Situation

Featured Scene Animation for After Effects

A scene situation featuring freelancers working in a variety of places: at desks, on a sofa, in a chair and more. A couple of the scene animations even feature cats, like so many of our workspaces!



Project Details

This project was created by Envato Elements author DesignSells.

Resolution: N/A, high-quality animation
Requirements: no plugins needed
Program Version: After Effects

Key Features

This is a customisable scene animation for After Effects, so you can choose your scene and character and then change the colours to suit your video project. There are different freelance scenes available so you can use these across multiple films. This is a quick way to add After Effects animation to a web page.

Download and Try

With a subscription to Envato Elements you get unlimited After Effects templates, video, audio, images, graphics and more.

 Envato Elements includes the animation Freelance — Scene Situation.

Download Animation

More Freelance Work Scene Animations for After Effects

Unlimited downloads from Envato Elements means you can try as many After Effects templates as you like, so if the above animation isn't quite your style, no worries! Here are some great alternatives.

  • Try Coworking space for a scene animation featuring freelancers sharing a workspace/
  • Freelance has workers together and individually, working in a variety of 'freelance' scenarios. Business Meeting has freelancers meeting with clients, presenting a pitch and sharing ideas. And why not try Remote work for scene situations with a variety of character freelancers working; both together and on their own with features like checking emails, holding an online meeting and even working while on holiday.
  • Freelance — Scene Situation: In this scene situation for After Effects, freelancers are holding meetings with a cup of coffee, working from the sofa with a pet, and even working from a beach! Just change out the colours to fit with your freelance project.
  • Self-Employment : Self-employed animated characters have creative meetings, discuss ideas and send each other emails and messages in this After Effects scene situation. It's easy to customise the colours to suit your video.
  • If your freelance video is based around a startup then Startup Company is the perfect fit. Featured characters work on ideas, growth and money-making in this After Effects template.
  • Try Beauty Salon for a move away from the office to a freelancer beauty worker attending clients.
Startup company - Scene Situation from Envato ElementsStartup company - Scene Situation from Envato ElementsStartup company - Scene Situation from Envato Elements
Startup company — Scene Situation from Envato Elements

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Jackson Couse edited and published this page October 4th, 20121.

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Finally, if you put one of these After Effects templates to use, please do let us know on the Envato forums. We love to see the projects you create!

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