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5 Top Hand-Drawn Animation Style Logo Templates for After Effects

Want to add a playful and handcrafted look to your logo? Why not try one of these stunning hand drawn logo animation templates for After Effects that available from Envato Elements and Envato Market?

Top Hand Drawn Logo Animation Templates for After Effects

Featured Template from Envato Elements: Hand Drawn Brush Logo

Impress your audience with this creative After Effects template. Hand Drawn Brush Logo features animated brushstrokes and watercolour effects that enhance and reveal your logo. Simply drag and drop in your new media, adjust the colours and hit render.

Key Features

Program: Adobe After Effects CC 2017 and above
Requirements: No plug-ins required
Resolution: 1920 ×1080
Author: Atamotion

Download and Try 

Envato Elements offers a free trial subscription that includes unlimited downloads on hundreds of After Effects templates, plus thousands of audio tracks, stock images and videos, fonts, mockups, graphics and more. 

Hand Drawn Brush Logo is available to try with a free subscription to Envato Elements. 

More Hand Drawn Logo Animation Templates for After Effects

If our featured template isn't quite what you need, here are two great alternatives from Envato Elements you can try instead. The great thing about unlimited downloads from Elements is that you can try out as many After Effects templates as you want as often as you want. 

Hand Drawn Smoke Logo reveals your  logo using a cool and colourful hand drawn smoke effect. Custom controls allow you to customise the logo as much or as little as you like. 

There is something quite charming and playful about Hand Drawn Scribble Logo. The logo combines colourful brush and stop motion effects  to reveal your logo in an eye-catching way.

Logo Resources for Your Hand Drawn Animation

If you're looking to update your logo itself, here are three wonderful options that are all available as part of a subscription to Envato Elements.

Logo: Flower Logo

The beauty of logos is that they can be as simple or complexed as you like. If simplicity is your thing, then you'll love this beautiful flower logo, from Envato Elements. It is fully editable so you can easily change the colour and add text if you like. Then drop it into your hand drawn logo animation template to really make a statement. 

Flower LogoFlower LogoFlower Logo

Logo: Abstract A Logo

Abstracted letters of the alphabet can make great logo symbols. Here you have a subtly abstracted, modern approach to the letter A. The vector is fully editable and resizable without loss of quality.

A LogoA LogoA Logo

Font: Syage Logo Font

Logos are often symbols and text combined, but some are also stylised text with no symbol. If you are interested in this take on a logo, you're going to need an eye-catching font like Syage Logo Font. Syage is a wonderful contemporary sans serif font that is perfect for creating your own one of a kind logotype. 

Syage Logo FontSyage Logo FontSyage Logo Font

More Hand Drawn Logo Animation Templates from Envato Market

If you need just one video template, Envato Market might be choice for you. Here we have two template options from Market that you won't be able to resist.

Cartoon Geometry Shapes Logo for After Effects — $18

Here's a colourful template featuring hand drawn animated shapes and transitions that reveal your logo in a playful and engaging way. 

Doodle Retro Logo — $20

Doodle Retro Logo offers a colourful 90s style filled with a wide variety of hand crafted doodles designed to enhance and highlight your logo.

More Templates for After Effects

Here are more top After Effects resources and tutorials to try from Envato Tuts+:

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