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10 Top Showreel Templates for After Effects

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Actors, models, editors, animators, lighting designers, are just a few of the professionals who need top quality showreels to showcase their work. If you are looking for a top quality showreel template, check out these ten premium showreel templates for After Effects, available from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Top Showreel Templates for After Effects

Cinematic Showreel

Featured Template from Envato Elements

Cinematic Showreel offers terrific effects and animations to create a high energy showreel and presents your work in the best possible light.

Key Features and Details

This template features dynamic transitions, 17 image/video placeholders, 10 text placeholders, and it is easily customisable.

Program: Adobe After Effects
Requirements: No plug-ins required
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Author: swati_creations

Try This Template

With a subscription to Envato Elements you get unlimited Adobe After Effects templates, audio, images, graphics and more. 

Try Cinematic Showreel project template for After Effects from Envato Elements:

More Top Showreel Templates From Envato Elements

With Envato Elements you can download as many templates as you want as often as you want for one low monthly or yearly fee. So if our featured template isn't quite what you need, here are some great alternatives you can try instead.

  • Showreel Template offers 10 beautifully designed layout pages that you can fill with your own photos, videos and text to create an eye-catching showreel.
  • No matter what you need a showreel for, Versatile Showreel gives you a riveting way to showcase your work. Just change text, drop your photos, videos and audio in, then hit render.
  • Use Dynamic Showreel to introduce everything from movie or TV clips to fashion shows and sporting events. The template offers 35 photo and/or video placeholders, 20 text placeholders and a modular construction for easy customisation.
  • Showreel Montage is one of the best templates for cinematographers because it offers loads of room for their work to shine, subtle transitions and tastefully designed lower-third text placeholders.
  • When you are looking for a simple and stylish template to present your projects, choose Showreel For Studio. The template offers easy customisation, fast rendering, and includes a video tutorial to help you if you get stuck.
More Showreel Templates on Envato MarketMore Showreel Templates on Envato MarketMore Showreel Templates on Envato Market

More Showreel Templates on Envato Market

If you're looking to buy just one premium showreel template at a time, Envato Market is your best bet. Check out these templates for After Effects that you can find there.

Modular Showreel — $29

What's great about this template is that you can use it as is, or select any of the 20 modules your find most useful and create your own design.

Production Showreel — $17

Production ShowReel is a simple and well-organised template. With 36 image/video placeholders and 26 text placeholders you have plenty of room for creating just the showreel you need. Customisation is a simple matter of changing text, dropping in your media and audio and hitting render. 

Intro Showreel — $31

Intro Showreel offers 32 placeholders for your text and a whopping 69 for your images and/or videos. Customise the template by adding your own media, changing text and colour scheme, and adding a logo if you have one. There is a PDF tutorial included with the template to help you on your way. 

Cinematic Showreel — $29

Use this wonderful template for your next showreel and wow your audiences. Cinematic Showreel is well organised, high quality template that uses a modular structure which makes it easy to customise. The template contains 28 media placeholders, 9 text placeholders in the shorter version and 55 media placeholders, 17 text placeholders in the longer version. 

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More Templates for After Effects

Here are more top After Effects tutorial and resources to try from Envato Tuts+:

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