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How to Make a Facebook Video Slideshow

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Slideshows are a great way to tell a story, whether that’s through video, or by adding movement to still images. By using some nifty transitions, text, animation and perhaps even music and sound effects, you can create some great content to share with your followers.

Why Use a Video Slideshow?

Slideshows are so flexible, you can make one for just about anything! In fact, you can and should create different versions, depending on which channel you’re preparing to share them on. For example, Twitter currently only lets you share videos of up to 2:20 in duration, but Facebook will show your video to a wider audience, if it’s over three minutes long.

How to Create a Facebook Video Slideshow

Even if you yourself don’t shoot video, that’s okay—a slideshow is perfect for adding still photographs to, and many slideshow templates let you add cool effects like parallax, which will let you create movement within that still image by  making a number of layers.

You can’t log in to Facebook without seeing video content of some kind, and it’s no surprise, as mobile technology is driving the rise of video watching, with 71% of people saying their online video viewing has increased over the last year.

It’s wise then, to take advantage of this boom in video by creating your own content for your brand, business or blog. Here are a few things to think about when making and uploading your slideshow to Facebook.

  • Add closed captions. If you can’t do this in the software you’re using, Facebook has an option to let you add them within their uploader.
  • Have a plan of how your slideshow will begin and end—and remember to include key things like your call to action or contact information.
  • Try to focus on your imagery and keep text to a minimum.
  • Add a description in the Facebook uploader to help people find it.
  • Include relevant tags—things that people will logically search for. Check competitors to see what tags they’re using, for inspiration.
  • Upload in HD if you can.

It’s probably quicker and easier than you think to make a video slideshow, even without any video creation software. If you prefer to use one of the major adobe suites like After Effects and Premiere Pro, then you might find sites like Envato Market and Envato Elements have what you’re looking for.

Use a Quick Template

If you prefer to use a template that does a lot of the work for you, then you might like Placeit. Let’s take a look at one of the slideshow templates available on Placeit:

Slideshow Video Maker for a Real Estate Content Teaser Video

Taking this example of a real estate slideshow video, this is what you start out with. Your text and fonts—including colour—are on the left, the video is in the middle, audio, image and footage options are on the right and your slides are at the bottom.

template overviewtemplate overviewtemplate overview
The template overview

When you make amendments, you’ll need to hit Preview Slide at the top to see those changes. Searching for keywords will help you find great stock images or footage to use in your slideshow video; or you can upload your own!

a slide examplea slide examplea slide example
A slide example

You can keep adding slides, or you can duplicate your current slide which makes it a little easier to keep things consistent by bringing across your text, colour and background options.

When you have everything how you want it, just hit Preview Full Video and then Download Full Video and you’re all set!

More Placeit Templates

You can customise a slideshow video for just about anything, but here are some ideas for some popular areas like fashion, gaming and fitness.

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