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How to Make a Video Intro for YouTube Gaming Channels

If you want to make gaming videos to share on YouTube, there are lots of things to consider: one of the most important is your introduction. Learn how to make a memorable first impression in this tutorial.

Hello (Video Gaming) World!

The intro is your first opportunity to show what you're about. For an intro video to work, it needs to do two things. First, your intro helps would-be viewers to decide if they want to keep watching. Second, your intro is a reminder to repeat viewers of your channel that they're watching something from you!

Creating a quick intro video that keeps people's attention is not too hard; making a memorable introduction that holds up to repeat viewing is more challenging. Here are some key tips:

  • Work out your aims. It’s the same for any video channel: know what you want before you can work on making it a success.
  • Find your style. Brand your videos, even if it's basic, and be consistent. Part of this is building in your intro and outro.
  • Play fair. Don’t violate copyright laws. ‘Fair use’ is not a safety net.
  • Make a name for yourself. While you don’t want to box yourself into too small a box, try to be the ‘go to’ person for a particular type of content or knowledge; your intro is a great place for you to communicate whatever niche that is.
Photo by JESHOOTSCOM on Unsplash
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Make Your Own Gaming Into Video for YouTube

Your introduction is, basically, a slideshow: a way for your audience to instantly know you and what you do.

Keep your graphics simple. Your intro should be quick—you don’t want them to click away before you’ve even got started. You also don't want to bore with a too-long introduction. Aim for 10-20 seconds, which sounds very short, but really isn’t.

Should place your intro right at the start? It’s not necessarily the best. Some people like to tease with a quick highlight of what they’re about to show, to get the viewer interested, and then use the short, standard intro that viewers (hopefully) recognise as that particular brand.

Obviously, your intro needs to reflect your visual style and be consistent. That usually means sticking with the same colour palette, logo and memorable channel name, and a familiar call to action.

If you don't have animation skills for After Effects or Apple Motion, no problem: a simple slideshow or animation template is an easy way to create an engaging intro video. In the video below, I show how to customise Logo - Digital Like, a Premiere Pro template from Envato Elements. We'll cover some more neat templates below.


If you’re not too confident when it comes to design or video skills, there are sites such as Placeit (also part of Envato) where you can create a Gaming Channel Youtube Intro Video Maker without needing any additional software.

What Kind of Gaming Video?

There are a few popular types of gaming videos. If you make a broad range of videos—maybe tutorials, trivia, and streaming play—then a broad range of visual content in your intro might make also make sense. If your channel is more specific, say a parody or commentary channel, think about giving clues and cues to the viewer that that is what they're about to watch. While also piquing their attention.

Game Tutorial and Tip Videos

This type of video demonstrates how to do something that other players might need help with. In this example, the video has a very simple logo animation. A minimal intro makes sense with a tutorial, where the viewer already mostly knows what to expect.

Game Commentary Videos

These channels discuss a game, review and compare the game play, critique creative and design aspects, or otherwise poke around in that game’s universe. Still simple, but a slightly fancier and more stylistic intro in this review video:

Game Trivia

Information, ‘did you know’ style commentary, interesting tidbits about all things game, platform, maybe even industry-related. Sticking with the same game, but a totally different kind video: this video uses nothing but a hashtag and some out-of-focus footage to introduce itself:

‘Twitch’ Style Player Streaming Videos and Walkthroughs

Where the host (and pals) record themselves playing a game while chatting or bantering. Here's an example with a funky logo and lots of animation, which fits the conversational style of this play-with-commentary:

Parody or Satire Videos

Comedy channels that rely on personality and use games as a loose narrative for real-life skits. Here's a fun example. It uses no intro (sometimes less is more) and gets straight to the action:

Recommended Premiere Templates for Gaming Video Intros

If you already have an Adobe suite like After Effects or Premiere Pro, then you might find sites like Envato Market and Envato Elements have what you’re looking for. Here are five great templates for Premiere Pro that fit with a gaming channel:

1. Vintage Startup Title

In the style of a retro machine, this title template is the perfect fit for videogame channels and it’s easy to customise.

2. Epic Title Intro (mogrt)

Impress the heck out of your fans with this very epic intro which would be perfect for a dramatic start to your video!

3. Space Logo Reveal

A short and effective logo reveal, this space-themed template has a great sci-fi look that would fit with a lot of game genres.

4. Particle Spiral Logo

An abstract, colourful logo template, this particle spiral is a great way to reveal your brand name or logo in a creative way.

5. Futuristic Inspired Slideshow

A digital themed template with glitches, Futuristic Inspired Slideshow would make a fun and memorable intro for any gaming video.

5. More YouTube Helpers From Envato Tuts+

If you want to get into motion graphics, our courses a a good place to start. Try Dave Bode's Adobe After Effects for Beginners and Introduction to Video Editing in Premiere Pro.

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