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How to Make a Video Slideshow for Facebook

It’s no secret that video has become king of content when it comes to social media. In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a simple video slideshow for Facebook.

1. What Are Slideshows?

Many of us are posting video almost without thinking about it—little snapshots of our lives that we’re encouraged to share on our social channels through features like Instagram and Facebook Stories. Deliberately creating video to share can be a bit more of a labour though, particularly if you’re a ‘light’ video creator, as many of us are.

A slideshow is a great way to put together still images, video footage, or a mix of both, into one, usually mixed with some pleasing animations, music, and visual effects. For most of us, a slideshow is perfect because you can create high-quality video content that’s geared towards your specific needs, whether that’s sharing a message with your followers, advertising a product or service, or just as a different way to display your images.

Why Make a Facebook Slideshow?

Facebook, like other platforms, are really prioritising video when it comes to their algorithms and preferences. You can read more about why video is a great way reach your fans, here, but some things to consider are:

  • The orientation of your video can make a difference to engagement. Learn about the benefits of vertical video and square video.
  • Adding subtitles to your video (if there’s audio) will improve your watch rate, as well as making your content more accessible to those who need closed captions.
  • Facebook recommends that your video should be over three minutes long to be shown to more people.

2. How to Make a Facebook Slideshow in Facebook

Facebook lets you create slideshows for still images within your regular posting window. Here’s how to do it.

1. Create Your Post

Click Create Post on your page, as you usually would. Next, select Create Slideshow.

create a postcreate a postcreate a post

2. Select Your Facebook Slideshow Options

You can create slideshow for three to ten photos and choose whether you'd like your aspect ratio to be original (of whatever you upload), square (1:1), rectangle (16:9), or vertical (2:3). You can choose how long each image is visible and whether it fades into the next or just cuts to it.

choose options for slideshowchoose options for slideshowchoose options for slideshow

3. Add Your Photos and Add Music

I added ten photographs to test this out. You can also add music from a selection, where you can search by keyword or mood. The music choices are quite basic and sound like you're trapped in the lift (elevator) of a budget hotel, but it does the job.

You'll see that this makes a very basic timeline and you can't make any real changes.

4. Finish Up and Add Keywords and Tags

When you create your video, you can hit Edit once it's published and it'll take you to the regular video upload screen where you can then add tags and choose a thumbnail. This will help others to find your slideshow video and know what to expect.

Benefits and Pitfalls of This Method

Here's how the finished slideshow looked:


  1. Requires zero knowledge or technical skill.
  2. It's very quick and instinctive to use.
  3. The video uploads in seconds


  1. Very little flexibility.
  2. A limited choice of music (though you can upload your own), and very basic visuals.
  3. You can't use it across other social media easily.

3. Make a Facebook Slideshow Using a Template

If you’d like more control over your slideshow, then you might want to create your own, using a template in your regular editing suite, and then upload that to Facebook. Envato Elements has a wealth of slideshow templates to choose from and you can use as many as you like once you’re subscribed. Here are three of our favourites, for Adobe After Effects.

1. Uplifting Modern Slideshow

This upbeat and positive slideshow is a great one for images and footage alike, just drop your media into the placeholders and choose from colourful backgrounds and smooth animations.

2. Slideshow

A dynamic slideshow for upbeat, fast-paced messages, with a variety of colours and 39 placeholders for your pictures or film footage.

3. Elegant Unfold Image Reveal

Create a luxury coffee-table book style slideshow with this elegant template. Perfect for promotions, showing off photographs or creating something fun for your followers.

More Social Media Video Help

Vertical video is becoming more popular on Facebook all the time, since it fits in well with how people view video on their phones. Discover a range of awesome portrait mode video footage to download completely free on Mixkit, a new site dedicated to providing free HD video with no strings attached.

You can learn even more about social media video in these tutorials:

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