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10 Top Premiere Rush Project Templates for Video Beginners

Adobe Premiere Rush is a app-based video editing programme specially designed make it easy for you to do everything quickly, in one piece of software, including shooting, editing and sharing your films to social media. 

With Rush, you can still do some basic colour-grading and effects, and if you're using the desktop version, you can even make use of some templates. We've rounded up 10 of the best that are currently available on Envato Elements, so you can try as many as you like once you're subscribed

Top 10 Premiere Rush Video Project Templates for Beginners

1. Graphic Elements

With a whopping 330 animated elements, 45 animated typography scenes, 88 shape transitions and much more, you’ll find it hard to get bored with the Graphic Elements pack.

Graphic Elements
Graphic Elements

2. Minimalist Titles | MOGRT

This pack of three minimalistic lower thirds or titles, will work well across a variety of projects. They’re easy to customise and you can choose to use single or double-line lower thirds.


3. Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles

Drag and drop your video or image into the placeholders to get started with this simple title set. There’s a link included in the download to the free font used in the example.

 Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles
Simple Mogrt Graphics Titles

4. Social Media Lower Thirds

Grab attention with these lower thirds for social media videos. The background bars auto-size to fit your text and you can change up the colours to suit your project.

Social Media Lower Thirds
Social Media Lower Thirds

5. Multipurpose Clean 3D Text to Title (Mogrt)

Make a real impact with this clean 3D text effect. Choose whether to have the depth of field effect off or on, as well as plenty of other customisation options that will help you create something that’s right for your brand.

Multipurpose Clean 3D Text to Title Mogrt
Multipurpose Clean 3D Text to Title (Mogrt)

6. Clean Broadcast Package Essential Graphics Mogrt

Try this broadcast package for your YouTube or other outlet channel. There’s plenty to keep you busy, with 15 categories containing 42 scenes, lower thirds, intros, outros and much more.


7. Business Broadcast Pack | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

With over 80 graphic elements, you can use the Business Broadcast Pack across multiple projects without it ever feeling ‘samey’ but while still helping to keep a look that will make your brand instantly recognisable.

Business Broadcast Pack  Essential Graphics  Mogrt
Business Broadcast Pack | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

8. Stylish Broadcast Pack | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

Bold, contrasting colours and elegant graphics combine here to form a very stylish broadcast package.

Stylish Broadcast Pack  Essential Graphics  Mogrt
Stylish Broadcast Pack | Essential Graphics | Mogrt

9. 43 Infographics Elements (MOGRT)

Jazz up your stats, facts and figures with these infographic elements. Delight them with data, wow them with workflow, charm them with cha- you get the idea.

43 Infographics Elements MOGRT
43 Infographics Elements (MOGRT)

10. Neon Elements | Premiere Pro MOGRT

Bright, colourful neon elements will add some fun to your video with this animation set. Try using them with a logo reveal, as text, or just to add a splash of entertainment to your film.


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