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Top 5 Video Artists on Envato Market This Month (February 2018)


Here are the 5 Top Video Creators on VideoHive This Month

In this article we look at the current top five video artists on Envato Market's VideoHive, ranked by sales in the previous 30 days.

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It's hard to know where to start when you're developing your skills as a video artist. The monthly top five are creators at the height of their craft. We hope their stories, and the products they make, inspire you to create your own awesome videos. Maybe you'll even make your own and market items! You can also check out the full rankings over on VideoHive any time, they're updated weekly.

5. Mister Horse

At number 5 this month we have Mister Horse. As his name would suggest, Mister Horse has a fun and quirky portfolio with an array of 3D motion presets and some nifty whiteboard kits. You’ll have neigh problem finding something you love.

Featured Item: Previewer - Quickly Preview Files

In typical unconventional style, Mr Horse demonstrates a plugin built specially for Adobe After Effects, enabling you to quickly preview files in the Project Panel.

4. AS_100

AS_100 are our number 4 and have a portfolio full of sparkle and colour. If you’re looking for a glitzy motion graphic or background then look no further. This portfolio is so bright, you gotta wear shades.

Featured Item: Diamond

You will be fooled by the rocks AS_100’s got… this full HD video loop of a diamond spinning is just lovely. Prepare to be captivated by the colours and the light glinting off the surface.

3. Videolancer

At number 3, Videolancer, or Evgeny’s portfolio is a pleasing mix of every kind of video element you can think of. Look no further for dynamic trailers, transitions and slideshows.

Featured Item: Detective

Detective is a download that simply oozes cool. With shades of noir, it provides a fun template in the style of an investigation file, with 64 media placeholders and 34 for text. There are a total of 24 scenes, so plenty to play around with. The game’s afoot!

2. Gorodenkoffs

Popular European studio, Gorodenkoff Visuals swoop in at two this month, offering filming, editing and post-production of commercial photo and video imagery. Their portfolio demonstrates a high quality, professional, and engaging mix of stock footage.

Featured Item:  Skydiver Jumping from the Airplane 

My legs wobble just looking at this stock video. We see a skydiver leap fearlessly from a plane in this piece of footage. The time of day makes this a really lovely piece and it’s well filmed; even more impressive when you think about the cameraman jumping from the plane too!

Skydiver jumping from a small airplane above a clound bank

1. Pressmaster

Pressmaster are your favourite author(s) once again this month. Pressmaster are creative pros who make conceptual stock imagery, footage and music. Their offering ranges from corporate footage, through to family scenes and even cookery.

Featured Item: Tired Of Work

At this time of year, aren’t we all a little tired of work? This piece of stock footage features a businessman typing on his laptop before tiredly looking at the screen and putting his head in his hands. He is all of us with the post-Christmas blues.


Last Month's VideoHive Top 5

5. VictoryBox, Featured Item: Confetti

Confetti is a fun element for your video, with alpha channel – perfect for a celebration or party-themed project. There are six clips included and the download is in full HD at 25 fps. If you prefer 4k, an updated version is available.

4. Gorodenkoffs, Featured Item:  Florist Assembles Bouquets of Flowers

Gorodenkoff really show off their mastery of light with this stunning 7-pack of flowers being arranged. Obviously well suited for advertising a flower shop, but also just a lovely piece in general and it could easily be adapted for use in a gardening or hobby segment.

3. AS_100, Featured Item: Colorful Particles Falling

Who doesn’t love bokeh? Well, brace yourself for… *drumroll* FALLING BOKEH. This is a full HD, looping download which you can use on screens or projection. This will add fun and glamour to any video project.

Colorful Particles Falling
Colorful Particles Falling

2. Bank508, Featured Item: Fire

Burn baby burn, this stock footage is hot property. Fire (on a black background) is a masterful capture – easy to get wrong when filming, so let Bank508 take the hassle out of it and use their stock footage instead. With its full HD loop, it’s quite mesmerising…

1. Pressmaster, Featured Item: Surf Is Up

Surf’s up with this slow-motion stock video of a woman surfing. The piece starts quite close and slowly pulls out to reveal the subject and more of the surroundings. It’s the perfect video for outdoor/sports centres or those wanting to show fun, athletic activities.


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