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5 Top Video Artists on Envato Market This Month (April 2018)

This post is part of a series called Market Watch: Current Styles and Hot Trends in Video.
Meet 5 Hot New Video Artists on Envato Market (April 2018)

5 Hot Video Creators on VideoHive This Month

In this article we look at the current top five video artists on Envato Market's VideoHive, ranked by sales in the previous 30 days.

Learn from the Best

It's hard to know where to start when you're developing your skills as a video artist. The monthly top five are creators at the top of their craft. We hope their stories, and the things they create, inspire you to make your own awesome videos and market items. You can also check out the full rankings over on VideoHive any time, they're updated weekly.

5. Mister Horse

At number five  this month we have Mister Horse. As the name suggests, Mister Horse has a fun and quirky portfolio including 3D motion presets and some nifty whiteboard kits. You’ll have neigh problem finding something you love.

Featured Item: Whiteboard Kit — After Effects Infographic Template

With 20 pre-animated scenes and chock full of hand drawn images like buildings, people and social media icons, this Whiteboard Kit is the perfect explainer for all occasions. The elements are easy to edit and many come in a variety of sizes.

Whiteboard Kit - Infographic
Whiteboard Kit - Infographic

4. Pixflow

Pixflow Studio is a studio of artists, motion designers, designers, illustrators, animators and 3D experts who make original videos. They create footage for explainers, start-ups, personal projects or business projects. They’re our number 4 this month!

Featured Item: Particle Builder | Elemental Pack: Fire Sand Smoke Sparkle Particular Presets — After Effects

This is a very cool pack. Create dust, smoke, flames and more by simply brushing over your image or video. The Particle Builder is a great way to add dynamic movement and excitement to your existing footage quickly and easily.

Particle Builder  Elemental Pack Fire Sand Smoke Sparkle Particular Presets
Particle Builder | Elemental Pack: Fire Sand Smoke Sparkle Particular Presets

3. Gorodenkoffs

Popular European studio, Gorodenkoff Visuals hit number three this month, offering filming, editing and post-production of commercial photo and video imagery. Their portfolio demonstrates a high quality, professional, and engaging mix of stock footage.

Featured Item: Barbecue on a Plate (Stock Footage)

As many of us head into nicer weather, we’ll no doubt be reaching for the barbeque. Gorodenkoffs’ stock footage is mouth-wateringly perfect for advertising summer cook-outs, restaurants and more.

Barbecue on a Plate
Barbecue on a Plate 

2. Videolancer

Our second-from-the-top spot goes to Videolancer, who has an impressive mix of After Effects project files. Whether you need some funky, retro transitions or something more contemporary and uncomplicated, Evgeny has something perfect for your video.

Featured Item: Parallax Trailer — After Effects Template

Create a colourful, cartoon-like freeze frame of your video, with an added parallax effect. Just drag and drop your footage into the placeholder for a quick version, or cut out your foreground for something a little more complex.

Parallax Trailer
Parallax Trailer

1. Pressmaster

Pressmaster, in at number one, are creative pros who make conceptual stock imagery, footage and music. Their offering ranges from corporate footage, through to family scenes and even cookery.

Featured Item: Family Ride (Stock Footage)

Spring has (almost) sprung and it’ll soon be the perfect time to promote outdoor, family activities like cycling. This high quality stock footage shows a young boy with his parents, riding through the countryside, perfect for everything from lifestyle businesses to sporting goods stores.

See You Next Month!

We hope you enjoyed our roundup this month and found some inspirational new content to give your video projects and broadcasts an added dimension.

Last Month's VideoHive Top 5

5. Mister Horse, Featured Item: Previewer - Quickly Preview Files

In typical unconventional style, Mr Horse demonstrates a plugin built specially for Adobe After Effects, enabling you to quickly preview files in the Project Panel.

4. AS_100, Featured Item: Diamond

You will be fooled by the rocks AS_100’s got… this full HD video loop of a diamond spinning is just lovely. Prepare to be captivated by the colours and the light glinting off the surface.

3. Videolancer, Featured Item: Detective

Detective is a download that simply oozes cool. With shades of noir, it provides a fun template in the style of an investigation file, with 64 media placeholders and 34 for text. There are a total of 24 scenes, so plenty to play around with. The game’s afoot!

2. Gorodenkoffs, Featured Item:  Skydiver Jumping from the Airplane 

My legs wobble just looking at this stock video. We see a skydiver leap fearlessly from a plane in this piece of footage. The time of day makes this a really lovely piece and it’s well filmed; even more impressive when you think about the cameraman jumping from the plane too!

Skydiver jumping from a small airplane above a clound bank

1. Pressmaster, Featured Item: Tired Of Work

At this time of year, aren’t we all a little tired of work? This piece of stock footage features a businessman typing on his laptop before tiredly looking at the screen and putting his head in his hands.

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We hope you enjoyed our roundup this month and found some inspirational new content to give your video projects and broadcasts an added dimension. Here are a few of our other top 5 rankings:

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